BouMatic’s Liner with the Turbo Action

Published on Wed, 12/08/2021 - 2:32pm

BouMatic’s Liner with the Turbo Action.

 Article and photos provided by BouMatic.

The Magnum 450TL provides for a gentle milking. The specially designed tapered triangular barrel along with the round shoulder aids to keep the mouthpiece vacuum low. Other shaped liners have been known to add to mouthpiece congestion which slows milk. But BouMatic’s patented design also has the liner wall thicker at the top than the bottom. This keeps the touchpoint of the liner well below the teat end. This results in an action of the liner actually hugging the teat rather than pinching the teat. This also allows the liner to operate within a much wider vacuum range.

BouMatic is very proactive in teaching that proper prep procedures are important to have a fast and constant milk let down from a cow. A consistent routine, proper unit alignment and even a calm parlor entry all impact the milk letdown. The Magnum 450TL has properties that cause it to do what we like to refer to as “Turbo Action” when milking the cow. The less time in low flow equals a faster milk out. And the less unit on-time the healthier the teat ends. BouMatic’s patented Jet-Vent™ Air Vent is designed to shed dirt and small particles that plug other liner vents. This also aids in having a faster milk-out.

The new shaped liner design with BouMatic’s patented mouthpiece results in maximum milkability. Consistent, even milk-out from quarter to quarter, milking after milking. Our specially formulated rubber increases the overall life of the liner to 2,400 milkings.