BouMatic Gemini: Milking Performance Delivered

Published on Wed, 07/15/2020 - 11:02am

BouMatic Gemini: Milking Performance Delivered.

 Article courtesy of BouMatic.

BouMatic introduces Gemini, a milking robot for delivering the performance dairymen require for achieving the results they desire today.  The patented Gemini brings BouMatic’s 80 years of innovation to herds worldwide for robotic milking Gently, Quickly and Completely.

Milking Efficiency
Our patented rear milking design is exclusive to BouMatic.  Milking from the rear emphasizes cow comfort as the cow does not see the arm as opposed to approaching from the side.  A cow at ease allows for maximum oxytocin for milk let-down resulting in faster milk out.

Time-Of-Flight Camera
The robot arm has a state of art 3D camera that provides teat teach technology giving the operator that ability to teach the robot specific teat configuration by cow.  In addition, the operator can access the camera via remote connection. The user has multiple ways to access and manage the robot’s information: smartphone, tablet, desktop computer as well as at the robot itself via a multi-functional touchscreen. Even more importantly, these systems are easily accessible and very user-friendly.

Self-Contained Milk Room
The Gemini includes a self-contained equipment room built into the rear of robot, housing the arm and performance related components.  This room encompasses BouMatic’s wide range of dairy equipment systems, into one convenient location.  

Plug-and-Play System
Since there are very few remodeling requirements, this milking robot is ideally suited to fit into almost any existing cowshed with the latest in milking technology. There are several cowshed layouts to choose from that offer the best situation for optimal cow flow, integrating the milking robot into a clear routine of milking, eating, and resting. This reduces building costs considerably. Our team of specialists are available for advice.

Upgradable Box and Software
The Gemini platform has been designed to grow and grow with your operation.  Technology improvements happen quickly, and we can easily get a farmer the latest innovations for their existing robot. This is not the norm in the industry and is quite an advantage. As technology improves, so can your Gemini.