BouMatic RealTime Health Monitoring Solution

Published on Tue, 09/15/2020 - 10:09am

BouMatic RealTime Health Monitoring Solution.

 A health snapshot of your cows on time, anytime.

 Article and photos provided by BouMatic.

Heat Detection
You will never miss a cow coming into heat! Realtime access to heat and activity data allows optimal insemination choices for the whole herd regardless of stage or location.
Each farm is different, and their activity system should reflect that. RealTime is fully customizable for the range of alerts and sensitivities. Alert settings can be customized to be sent to who needs the information the most. Customizable settings include optimal breeding window, adjustable sensitivities by pen, and adjustable alerts for lactations and reproductive events.

Health Monitoring
Find the one cow that needs attention whether in a herd of 100 or a herd of 10,000 cows. The health monitoring data you receive can let you know of a cow needing attention days in advance rather than if you were simply waiting for the typical signs to show up visually. Imagine if your cow could let you know when she was just starting to feel a little off her feed? Well, now she can! The eating monitoring, the rumination averages, the inactivity times… all these key indicators are ways in which you will know that she needs attention. By using these key indicators, you can quickly tune into the individual needs of each animal and keep her on her routine, preventing loss of milk or serious costly complications.

Herd Management Capabilities
The BouMatic HerdMetrix™ phone app makes data accessible anywhere so that you have a constant stream of data. The software has easy to use graphs and charts. The program will highlight all the heat attentions by cow and groups, health settings and any potential tag issues.

Return on Investment
It is hard to put a price on the losses of an inefficient reproductive program. Unlike a drop in milk production, the paycheck will not fluctuate weekly. And unlike mastitis issues, treatment bills do not pile up when problems arise. Even when we do not recognize reproductive losses as routinely as other sectors of the dairy, income can be lost if your reproductive program is not working optimally. The ability to catch cows sooner with health problems to treat them along with increasing insemination rates will quickly pay for the system costs.