Built Around Cow Comfort. Better milking starts with cow comfort.

Published on Wed, 05/11/2022 - 11:19am

Built Around Cow Comfort. Better milking starts with cow comfort.

 Article and photos provided by BouMatic.

 Revolutionary Design. BouMatic’s Flo-Star Xtreme has much of the design that made the Flo-Star MAX a great milking claw, but with new features that further enhances performance. One such feature is an air inlet designed into the claw which maintains a stable vacuum to the claw throughout the milking. Having a stable vacuum means less bouncing of the claw and a gentler milking for teat ends. The overall milkability of the unit is improved with the vacuum stability, the milk quickly exits the claw so there is never a concern for flooding with even the highest producing cows.

Cow Comfort.
Beyond the comfort that is achieved with the fast milk out, the “cow fit” of this unit is unprecedented. The patented x-crossed inlet design has the unit hanging perfectly under the cow no matter if the udder is wide, narrow, short, or long. It even hangs straight under cows with uneven teat placement.

Low Profile and Lightweight.
The Xtreme has a height of only 5.2 inches, making it 1.4 inches shorter than the MAX. Perfect for small breeds and for low-hanging udders. The Flo-Star Xtreme weighs only 9.5 oz. A lightweight claw can reduce operator fatigue during long milking shifts and allows more of the weight distribution to be in the shell and liner, reducing unit alignment issues. But just because it is small doesn’t mean it isn’t durable. The engineered resin material used, and the overall construction will handle 7,200 lbs. of direct pressure. The Xtreme is stronger than stainless steel claws and guaranteed against breakage for 2 years.