Cool Roof: The Cooler the Roofs, the Cooler the Cattle

Published on Wed, 06/13/2018 - 10:30am

 Cool Roof: The Cooler the Roofs, the Cooler the Cattle

 By Steve Weisman

 Today’s dairy producers work extremely hard at optimizing the conditions in which their herds are housed. Realizing that keeping cattle cool means less heat stress, improved milk production and higher birth weight during calving season, producers spend a lot of money on fans, misters and extra ventilation. Unfortunately, a hot metal roof can be one of the main culprits of excessive heat. Of course, a metal roof keeps the sun’s rays off the cattle, but when you can literally cook an egg on the roof’s hot surface, that heat transfers down to the livestock. Optimizing ways to keep your cattle cool is important in the dairy industry.

There is a better solution that many dairy owners are cashing in on: energy efficient roofing systems. Many producers are turning to WaterTight Roofing ( to explore options specific to their dairy operation. Since 2011, co-owners Cole Garrison and Mike Slaughter have built their company based on the mission of providing the highest quality commercial, energy-efficient roofing systems, to honor their warranties and be available to all customers for services or repairs. Furthermore, their team has resources to get these roofs at very little cost to the building owners.
After several years of experience working in the roofing industry, Garrison and Slaughter accomplished this mission by deciding to start WaterTight Roofing. “We saw that a lot of roofing companies work on new construction, re-roofing and patchwork, but we’re the roofing company that focuses on white, reflective roofs,” Slaughter states. “Even though we build lots of metal roofs, when it’s a priority to control the temperature underneath the roof, we’re the company that specializes in this. We love the continued benefits our owners receive from these roofing systems, and we focus on excellent customer service.” On a warm sunny day, the temperatures are dramatically higher and a metal roof becomes too hot to even touch. These WaterTight roof systems can turn a hot metal roof into a white, cool roof that’s cool to the touch.
Both Garrison and Slaughter grew up involved in the Texas cattle industry. With a special passion for the agricultural industry in general, they truly believe they’ve carved out a special niche in WaterTight Roofing. According to Garrison, “Instead of only trying to treat the symptoms of a hot roof with fans, misters, etc., we address the source of the problem – a hot roof. This is the very reason we install energy-efficient roofs. It cools the roof, therefore, everything under the roof is cooler – whether it’s people or animals.” He explains, “At the end of the day, everything is about protecting and cooling what’s underneath the roof.” The options offered by WaterTight Roofing are energy-star rated roofing systems with high solar reflectivity.
Garrison adds, “An elastomeric roof coating or single-ply membrane is a cost-effective way to get a cool roof out of an existing hot roof, and these options do not require a tear-off of the current roof system.” These energy-efficient roofs have also shown that cooling fans can be used less often, which conserves energy, leading to savings. Over the past eight years, the word has continued to spread. Garrison says, “Because of the solution that actually treats the source of heat, our business has grown exponentially within the agricultural industry.” He continues, “At the same time, our goal is to work closely with the customers, offer free inspections and assessments, and offer solutions for their specific needs.”

And don’t just take their word for it. Listen to what their customers say about WaterTight roofing:
Dyke Rogers, owner of Clauss Dairy Farms located in the Texas Panhandle notes, “This was a very clean operation. They did exactly what they said they would do and there was no disruption to my daily operation. I would recommend WaterTight Roofing without a doubt.”
Will Collier, owner of T&K Dairy in West Texas, adds, “The team and crew were efficient throughout the entire process. They did an excellent job, and I am very pleased with the overall production and capabilities of WaterTight Roofing.”
WaterTight Roofing has different roof options from metal replacement to cool roof systems, depending on what’s right for you. Simply stated, Garrison adds, “Give us a holler, and we’ll do a free assessment and provide you with options.”