Dump ’N’ Run

Published on Tue, 07/19/2016 - 2:25pm

 Simplicity is the focus of Jaylor’s new lineup of Dump Wagons

 Jaylor’s new line of Dump Wagons are engineered to be simple and robust, providing years of trouble free performance. The model lineup consists of three sizes starting with the D0824 at a silage capacity of 1,360 Cu. Feet, next the D0924 at 1,530 Cu. Feet, and the D1026 at 1,840 Cu. Feet. With simplicity being the core of Jaylor’s design philosophy years of product development, research, and testing have underscored the idea that the best solution is often the least complicated one. At the same time unique features incorporated into the design improve on conventional methods translating into a product lineup that offers cutting-edge functionality and reliability season after season.
The unique dual cylinder configuration provides exceptional stability, and requires less oil volume than conventional multi-stage cylinders, eliminating the need for auxiliary hydraulic oil tanks. The system requires less than 4 gallons of additional oil from the tractor to operate thanks to the double-acting cylinders. Oil is circulated from one side of the cylinder to the other as the box is raised and lowered. This ultra-low oil usage allows for smaller tractors to be used and ensures the tractor hydraulic tank isn’t drained.

“This isn’t just another silage box”, says Trevor Sutcliffe, Product Specialist for Jaylor, “We designed the chassis around the ability to haul a full load of grain. Even the smallest model can haul 22 tons of corn and the D1026, our largest wagon, can handle just shy of 30 tons!” Cambered commercial-grade highway axles and brakes are standard equipment along with oil bath hubs, making the chassis virtually maintenance-free.
Conventional straight axle systems excessively load the inside of the tires leading to uneven wear, reducing tire life. Jaylor’s engineered cambered axle system matches the road contour and distributes the load evenly. This is especially significant when the wagon is configured with low tire pressures to minimize field compaction and is also traveling on gravel roads, such as during haylage or corn silage harvest. This rugged axle system is designed to withstand the rigors of demanding continuous use conditions of custom operators. All models also come standard with commercial hydraulic brakes for safe road travel.
The optional hydraulic slide axle allows for operation in the muddiest and hilliest conditions as dynamic load balancing provides on-the-fly tongue weight ratio adjustments from 0.5%-10%. Commonly oversized tractors are used for operation on soft ground or hilly terrain leading to excessive compaction also tying up equipment that is needed elsewhere on the farm. Jaylor’s simple slide axle system allows adjustment to be made from the tractor seat, putting full control into the hands of the driver. This has also proved useful in tight barnyards as the operator has control over the turning radius.
The design of the Up-and-Over tailgate opening, with a four-inch body taper, accounts for its unparalleled ability to empty its full load quickly. These simple design features allow the load to slide out much before the box is raised to a full 47 degrees translating to shorter cycle times.
Wide footprint, low pressure tires provide added stability and low compaction especially in wet conditions beyond the capability of trucks. The low, wide box design makes it easier to load from the operator’s view of a combine or chopper. Jaylor has built this wagon to outperform all others with design features such as, spring suspension built into the tongue to soften the ride, both loaded and unloaded, over rough terrain and lessening wear on the tractor. Jaylor warehouses in the US and Canada stock a full complement of ready to ship spare parts, and many of the chassis components can also be found at highway truck dealers as well. Whether it’s the rugged design, ease of maintenance, or ease of operation, simplicity explains it best, and you can dump’n run with confidence.

5000 Series TMR Mixer Lineup
While Jaylor launches their new line of dump wagons the company is quick to note their focus is not lost from the extensive line of TMR Mixers they offer. Since their launch the 5000 Series of Jaylor TMR Mixers has gained momentum. “This series represents everything we’ve learned over the past 20 plus years” says General Manager, Gerry Tamminga. From those first units Jake built back in 1993 we have been involved in a process of continuous improvement. Jaylor has never stopped research and development of their products and doesn’t plan to. As innovations are developed and strenuously field tested they are added to the current series. Tamminga says this is so their customers can benefit immediately rather than having to wait until the next release. “The 5000 Series of Vertical TMR Feed Mixers incorporates a full range of new features that we have developed since the current 4000 Series was introduced in 2008,” says Tamminga. “These features include, its patented auger design that decreases horsepower requirements by 20%, new door and conveyor discharge options, stronger cast metal parts, and heavier loading capabilities.” The lineup includes units from 50 cubic feet (1.4m3) to 1295 cubic feet (36.7m3) and everything in-between, providing a solution for every size farm. All these mixers come standard with the patented Jaylor auger and the full range of innovations. A full range of options is available to create a tailored feeding solution for every application.

Of particular note is the 5000HD Series Twin Auger TMR Mixers which are built extra robust, and designed for heavier loads on rougher surfaces than the standard mixers. They are available in a full range of capacities from 650ft3 to 1295ft3. A heavier frame and sub-structure, cast dual-axle walking beam assemblies with extra heavy-duty axles and hubs, and heavier duty wheels and tires come standard. They also come with thicker auger flighting and floors. Together these enhancements make the Jaylor HD mixers capable of blending and transporting mixes that are up to 75% heavier; ideal for large operations.
On the other side of the size spectrum Jaylor has the Mini Mixers models A50 and A100 which are useful for smaller operations, or specialty groups, such as weaned calves or dry cows. Both models are available in four unique versions: a 3-wheel, all-wheel Self-Propelled; a gas engine powered Pull-Type; a gas engine-powered Truck-Mount; and an electric motor or gas engine-powered Stationary. In order to meet your particular needs, these mixers are designed and engineered with the same capabilities and durability as the larger 5000 Series mixers, including the ability to incorporate long forage into true total mixed rations. The patented square cut auger is capable of processing intact small square bales, as well as sections of large bales of hay and baleage. Each model also comes with a complete scale system for accurate weighing.

The Square-Cut Auger
Every Jaylor TMR Mixer model, comes standard with Jaylor’s patented Square-Cut Auger which produces a quality mix faster and cleaner. A fundamental feature of the Jaylor auger is the ‘Square Cut’ edges that contribute to its industry-leading ability to process baled forage and other roughage, and mix it into a uniform TMR that resists sorting. The improved cutting action means less pressure on the mix and improved feed ration for your animals. The patented sloped top prevents bridging of round bales, allowing them to be rapidly cut apart while increasing the mixing action. The unique slide plate gently and efficiently gathers the feed into the auger in a way that decreases friction on the feed, reducing horsepower requirements by 20%. Less friction results in reduced power consumption, which translates to lower operating costs for you. Jaylor uses specially designed and oriented knives for maximum cutting efficiency when processing long forage. These self-sharpening are selected and tested for durability and long life.
Among growing list of patents and innovations the auger is still where the magic happens. “It’s a square cut which allows feed more quickly reach the bottom so you have a quicker mix and more efficient processing.” says Jake Tamminga, President of Jaylor. “The knives are located and oriented in such a manner on the auger which gives it a more efficient cut by using a slicing motion instead of forcing them into the feed. That’s why our mixers use less horsepower; when you take excess horsepower that energy is wasted in the destruction of fiber.” Tamminga adds.
With traditional round augers bales tend to stay at the top of the mixer for a long time, especially on smaller units. The open sections of the Jaylor Square-Cut Auger allow the bale to quickly drop where the lower knives can break it apart and process it faster. The Tungsten Carbide coating creates a harder surface on the top of the knives, allowing the bottom to wear faster which keeps the knives sharp.

Because Nutrition Matters
Center to the philosophy of Jaylor’s TMR Mixer line is nutrition. When you purchase a Jaylor you not only receive a robust and reliable mixer, but a mix that is the most consistent in the industry and resistant to sorting. This is why a Shaker box is made available, allowing producers to monitor and evaluate their ration on a daily basis. Mix uniformity and resistance to sorting define the optimum TMR mix. A TMR mix is the result of an interaction between mixer design and performance, ingredient characteristics, and operating procedures. The Shaker Box provides a simple way to test the uniformity of particle size and ingredient distribution within a batch, as well as between loads. This also enables fine tuning of mixing procedures to create the optimum mix, as well as to monitor mixer performance. “You may already have a nutritionist, and that’s perfect.” says Dr. Alan Vaage, Ruminant Nutritionist for Jaylor “At Jaylor we want you to think of us as your ‘feed mixer’ nutrition specialists. When you purchase a Jaylor mixer, we are at your service, so please feel free to email us, anytime, at nutrition@jaylor.com. We’ll answer all your nutrition questions. That’s what goes with being a Jaylor customer!”