Equipment Profile Bale accumulators

Published on Wed, 05/17/2017 - 12:14pm

Equipment Profile Bale accumulators

For as long as there has been hay bales, there have been people having to lift and load them onto trailers.  Not anymore!  Below are a list of square bale accumulators that can help eliminate those aches and pains and make the process easier.

Tube•Line - AC1000

The AC1000 mechanical design requires no external hydraulics, PTO, or electrical connections. Each bale triggers a series of switches, guiding the next bale into proper location and then releasing the entire pack when full. Each pack of 10 bales includes two bales positioned in the opposite direction. This cross-over pattern strengthens the stack as it builds by tying the bales together.  Connect directly behind your baler for instant gathering as you bale or use your truck with the optional hitch adaptor. Floatation tires, which come standard, are wider and provide lower ground pressure, minimizing compaction in soft or wet soil conditions.

Kuhn’s Mfg

Whether you are producing hay to market and sell, or for your own livestock, the Kuhn’s Mfg Hay Accumulator is an economical solution to minimize the labor in small square bale handling. The 18 bale system is our most efficient and is perfect for loading van trailers. For middle to high production, the 15 and 10 bale edge groups are versatile systems. The 10 bale flat system is our most popular model, with it’s tie row for stable stacking. And now, with the 4 bale system, even the smallest acreage hay grower can utilize the proven design of the Kuhn’s Mfg hay accumulator. With eight systems available, the choice is yours.

Anderson Industries

Demand is ever increasing for small square bales, however over the years the labor market and demographics have changed, making smaller bales less profitable and more time consuming to produce. The Anderson Industries Bale Caddie reduces the labor required for the manufacturing of small bales making this more profitable, and less time consuming once again.
The bale caddie is a simple to use system that allows for one person to sort bales into packs of 12 while baling, then pick up these packs of twelve for placement on a trailer or in a barn. The bale caddie accomplishes this with-out damaging hay or straw bales, limiting the speed of baling, and also does not modify or harm the baler or tractor in any way. The requirements to operate is an auxiliary hydraulic line at the rear with a flow rate of 12-15GPM, for the caddie. And a loader or skid steer with auxiliary hydraulics on the loader for the grabber. The bale caddie package includes the bale caddie, grabber, and in cab camera. Contact us at 701-532-3327 with your specific application, we can answer any questions and help you improve your small baling profitability today!

Hoelscher Inc

Since 1978, Hoelscher Inc. has been producing labor saving equipment for hay growers. Our Model 1000 Bale Accumulator will gather 10-15 bales and can be modified to handle up to 18 bales. The bales are placed on edge to preserve hay quality and maintain their shape. The Accumulator is powered by the tractor’s hydraulic system and is completely automatic. The unit is attached at two points to the baler, which allows for excellent maneuverability when making tight turns or backing the unit up. The new telescopic push-over arm provides for a wide tolerance of bale lengths and faster productivity. The bales smoothly slide off the rear of the bed in a tight and uniform package, which allows for quick and easy pickup. No chains, belts or electrical systems are required and the bales are not dragged, thrown, or twisted. The simplicity of the unit has led to 39 years of success in the hay industry.

Parrish AgriTurf

The Parrish small bale accumulator is designed to eliminate labor. This unit allows one man to clear and accumulate an entire field of hay in just a fraction of time. Meaning one person can rake, bale, accumulate, load, and store a 5 - 7 acre tract in one days time. It hooks behind any square baler in seconds without utilizing pumps or tractor hydraulics. The 10-bale configuration is set up to turn two bales sideways so when loading a trailer, the bales will stack easier and be more stable. This configuration fits a standard eight foot trailer.