Equipment Profile Forage Wagons

Published on Tue, 06/20/2017 - 1:58pm

Equipment Profile: Forage Wagons

H&S Extracap

• HD Forage Boxes are available in 16’ and 18’ lengths with a chain, or twin auger cross-conveyor unload system. XTRACAP Forage Boxes are available in 17’, 19’, and 21’ lengths with a chain, or twin auger cross-conveyor unload system.
• Both models are available in Front Unload or Front and Rear Unload. H&S uses three – 18” 4 bar H.D. spiral type beaters – not augers. Aggressive in handling tough material, they are even feeding. All three beaters are mounted in the head, not auxiliary panels in the box. Beater shafts are 1 1/4” equipped with greaseable bearings.H&S utilizes a deep stagger beater design. The beaters turn progressively faster from top to bottom. The slow turning top beater does not pitch chunks forward, it undercuts the heap and feeds tough material down where the bottom beaters go to work delivering a smooth even flow to the cross conveyor. The cross conveyor is 22” wide, is equipped with 550 roller chain, and extends 12” beyond the side of the head. A simple trouble-free variable speed drive lets you match just the right unload speed to the crop type, load condition and blower capacity. A bronze worm gear is standard.

Weberlane Super-Tilt Series

These wagons and trailers meet all of these criteria.  From forage collection to grain transport, the Super-Tilt was designed and build with versatility in mind.  With large self opening rear doors and a 47 degree tilt, the Super-Tilt is a natural choice for today’s forage collection.  Now, lock down the rear door and open the grain chute and you have a large capacity efficient alternative to conventional gravity wagons all in the same unit.  With capacities from 14 o an amazing 23 tons, these dumpers can take whatever you can throw at them - it’s no wonder they call them Super-Tilt!

Art’s Way Commercial Forage Box

The Commercial Forage Box brings rugged, heavy duty features to the Art’s Way name in a large capacity option.  This is offered in both front, rear, or combo unload options.  Some of the upgrades it has seen include 8” wider box, beefy hitch, easy to maintain weigh bar system, stainless steel exterior, densilite flooring, hydraulically controlled end gate, and optional side discharge.  This box has a 1,516 cubic foot struck capacity with side extensions.  The chassis features 3-ply springs for stable and smooth ride along roadways and on hills.  This is made for the industrial user!

Penta Dump Box

Penta comes from a long history of farming, and we understand that transporting your crop is something that needs to be done quickly and reliably. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce our latest line of products to improve the efficiency of your operation – Penta hydraulic dump boxes.
Penta dump boxes were designed with the farmer in mind. Start with the visibility inside the box from the cab of your tractor, move to the unique loading and unloading features, and finish with an overbuilt frame and robust axles for increased strength and floatation.
Combining simplicity with strength, Penta dump boxes are the premium choice for the modern farmer. With on the farm testing and farmer input, Penta is providing a superior option for quickly transporting and delivering your crops in perfect condition.