Equipment Profile: Hoof Chutes

Published on Thu, 04/20/2017 - 10:32am

Equipment Profile: Hoof Chutes

Hoof health in dairy cattle, as well as heifers remains a challenge for the dairy industry.  Preventing and treating lameness is a never ending job for dairy producers.  It may be due to neglected hoof trimming or other injuries.  Here are a few of the Hoof Trimming Chute manufacturers that can help make hoof trimming and inspections a little easier for our dairy farmers.

Riley Built®

Located in the West Plains of Texas, and operating since 1969 Riley Built® is dedicated to providing quality hoof trimming equipment to it’s customers. Never before has there been a dairy hoof trimming system like ours. And for your convenience, we offer three Hoof Trimming Models to chose from. The versatility of our reclining hydraulic bed is designed to offer the utmost in simplicity, speed and security.

Founder Bill Riley has been recognized as a leader in the hoof trimming industry, serving on the Jobs and Prosperity Task Force Advisory Board and as President of the National Hoof Trimmers Association. Click on the items below to learn more.

Tuffy Tilt Tables

Tuffy Tilt Tables is committed to building Quality Hoof Trimming Chutes. Along with being built tough, these chutes have comfort for the cow and ease for the trimmer at their very core. The Padded Squeeze Door so nicely cradles the cow while being laid over that she doesn’t kick as much as other chutes. And when setting her down she is put solidly on her feet again without stumbling. Also our Hydraulic Leg Restraints are revolutionizing the hoof trimming industry and fast becoming a standard for hoof trimmers! The shaped rubber clasps firmly hold the cows’ hooves solid, making speed and safety both at the touch of a button. Our Hydraulic Drive System is also a top seller for our portable chute, along with many many more options! Check us out anytime at!

Zimmerman Cattle Control Equipment

Veterinarians recommend the Zimmerman Hoof Care Chute for its well-engineered design. Owners are satisfied for years to come with an investment that saves money and work. The chute provides comfort for the cow and easy use for the operator during trimming, breeding, palpation, and other vet work. Features include an automatic headgate, independent leg lifts, belly straps, side panels for access, anti-skid Rumber™ floor, and durable powder coated frame. To learn more, call us at 800-578-1121 or email us at

Appleton Steel

Appleton Steel’s new Vet Tech chute
Looking for the best price and quality dairy hoof trimming chute on the market? Handles cows from 800-2500 lbs. Easy and safe access for the trimmer, safe for the cow.
• Rear come-along system moves the cow from the back to the front, adapts to any size cow.
• Front legs are unique to the industry, clamp on and lift the hoof and leg in a natural motion.
• Elevates with a positive hydraulic chain assist up & down motion, stopping any tilting or unstable lifting.
• Dual rear leg lift.
• Self locking head catch.