Equipment Profile: Round Balers

Published on Wed, 02/22/2017 - 2:16pm

Equipment Profile: Round Balers

Round balers are the most common type of baler in industrialized countries today.  The round/rolled bales are produced by a cylinder-shaped designed with a “thatched roof” so it can withstand the different types of weather.  Farmers were now saved from the backbreaking chore of slinging hay.   Now they can use these balers to produce large round bales and can be transported by tractor and is now the predominant forage handling machine in the US.  Today, variable chamber large round balers typically produce bales from 48-72 inches (120-180 cm) in diameter and up to 60 inches (150 cm) in width.  The bales can weigh anywhere from 1100-2200 pounds (500-1000 kg), depending on size, material, and moisture content.

Krone Bellima F 130

• An enclosed baling chamber reduces fragmentation and controls the development of dust
• An endless chain-and-slat elevator
    – excels in silage, hay and straw

    – eliminates the risk of bale stops
    – produces high-density and well-shaped bales

• Low input requirement
• Low in maintenance and long service life thanks to a simple design
• Few and short-length drive chains

Kubota BV5160 SC-14

• Variable bale size of 4’ wide by 5’ high with an 86” wide pickup capacity
• SuperCut-14 Knife Rotor

• High Performance Pick-Up and Intake
• Drop Floor for Easy Unblocking
• Intelligent Density 3D
• PowerBind Net Wrap

Claas ROLLANT 260

• CLAAS Standard Terminal
• Dependable and high-performance

• Bale size 48” x 59” (1.20 x 1.50 m)
• Steel-roller rolling chamber
• Bale chamber with 17 compaction rollers
• Packer tine system for optimal forage quality
• Simple and reliable machine

Vermeer 504 PRO Silage Baler

•  Heavy-duty drive components, from chains to bearings, to effectively and consistently handle heavy, dense silage bales
•  Hydroflexcontrol allows the baler floor to flex up and down to minimize blockage in the pick-up
•  Xtracut17 chopper system
•  All-new color touchscreen
• Patented Powersplit Transmission

Massey Ferguson Hesston 2946

• Sure-Trac crowned drive rollers
• Dual-tube twine arm
• 3-ply WedgeGrip bale forming belts
• Available in 4’ x 6’ and 5’ x 6’ models
• Wide, low-profile pickup and centering augers
• Efficient, reliable and convenient