Equipment Profile: Steel Buildings

Published on Sat, 07/22/2017 - 9:45am

 Equipment Profile: Steel Buildings


These days an agricultural building is no longer just a barn. It’s an equipment storage shed, a warehouse, a milking parlor, a free stall barn or a workshop. Or it combines several different uses with an office thrown in too. And no other building company knows how to build it better. After all, Wick Buildings started over 56 years ago as Wick Agribuildings - agriculture is our heritage.
The productivity of your herd depends on many variables. Wick Buildings understands how building design, cow comfort and ventilation all work together to maximize herd health and milk production. We can help you design and build your next:
•Free stall
•Milking parlor
•Maternity barn
•Transition calf barn
•Solar barn
•Manure processing/separating facility

Lester Buildings

Lester Buildings has manufactured thousands of modern livestock buildings. We understand the unique challenges producers face, foremost, is balancing the multiple demands of animal health and productivity, equipment, waste management and future expansion.
Dairy barns have been a Lester specialty since 1947, not just a sideline. In fact, we’ve manufactured thousands of dairy barns, from small, single building expansions to large, multi-site commercial-style operations for some of the country’s largest dairy producers.
• Hallmark Engineering: right-the-first-time engineering expertise
ª Structural Integrity: high-quality, rugged materials for 24-7 freestall facilities
• Long-Term Value: excellent return on investment compared to other options
• Large Herds: experience with large, complex, multi-building operations
• Ventilation: abundant air flow for herd and worker health


You may call it a pole barn or pole building, but Cleary’s custom designed Pre-Engineered Structures perform magnificently for any dairy or livestock operation. Cleary engineers understand the special housing needs and operational requirements for all types of livestock. From mammoth free stall barns to elaborate dairy operation with high end milking parlors, we custom-design your structure to match your personal management style and provide a healthy, productive environment for you and your animals. Cleary ventilating options make it a breeze to provide an adjustable, natural flow of air to help eliminate moisture problems. And, our Energy Miser option transforms your operation into an energy efficient business.


Our priority is in creating agricultural buildings that will weather any storm. Arco’s customers enjoy structures that are cost effective and durable. Agricultural buildings at Arco receive just as much care and attention to detail as any of our industrial or commercial structures.
Farmers depend on high-quality metal barns and steel barns to house their livestock and run their business. We understand just how important it is to protect your cattle, house and run horses, or protect the expensive vehicles and equipment necessary to run the day-to-day operation of small and large farms.


You take pride in your dairy operation and want a building that meets your daily requirements so you can continue to provide quality products to you customers. With a Morton building, you get a dependable structure where you can house your entire operation from freestyle barns, calving barns and milking parlors to feed storage, office space and sales barns.
We know your business can’t stop to oversee new construction and that’s why we provide personalized service to fit your needs. Whether you’re adding onto an existing facility or starting anew, we can guide you through the building process. We can even work with your equipment manufacturer to ensure your building allows your milking equipment to be positioned in a layout that provides maximum convenience and efficiency. And our features can help your facility function run smoothly and look great.


Looking for a functional yet attractive agricultural storage building to house your livestock, grain or farm machinery? We have you covered. Olympia Steel Buildings can design and build your metal farm or agricultural building to keep it safe from the elements. We can customize it for any agricultural function including dairy farming and commodity storage.
The size options for your building are endless. Furthermore, not only do our metal farm and agricultural buildings go up faster than traditional buildings, but you can save up to 50% over conventional construction.