Feed Management: Dinamica Generale – Providing Real Time Results of Feed Quality

Published on Wed, 08/24/2016 - 3:29pm

By Maura Keller | Sponsored by Dinamica Generale

      Consistent and predictable feed quality is top of mind for today’s dairy ranchers and farmers. Here’s why: Monitoring and ensuring the quality of feed enhances animal wellness and productivity and maximizes profitability.

As the market leader in feed monitoring technology, Dinamica Generale understands this. For more than 26 years, the company has ushered in new and innovative products and programs that increase overall farm efficiency — from field to harvest to the table. In fact, the long-standing technical knowledge built up over the years has enabled Dinamica Generale to follow and implement complex and customized projects for specific agricultural needs. Their newest product, the innovative X-NIR™ Portable NIR Technology analyzer, offers real-time results of feed quality and is the only company who offers cloud-based, low cost, easy-to-use feed management programs that fit every level of customer needs.

Founded in 1990, Dinamica Generale is a leading global manufacturer of weighing systems, electronic solutions and NIR technology analyzers installed on various equipment including conveyors for automated feeding. With a production plant located in Italy, and two subsidiaries in the Ukraine and Elgin, Illinois, the company’s impact on feed quality management is far reaching. Today, Dinamica Generale designs and produces in-house load cells, indicators/scales, software and NIR analyzers for agricultural, industrial, and medical applications. The company exports its products throughout the world, and today supplies several OEMs worldwide, such as Supreme International, Patz, Jaylor, Loewen Welding, Valmetal, Rovibec, to name a few.
Known as the leader in NIR technology development for more than 10 years, Dinamica Generale is considered a pioneer in the market. In order to guarantee full traceability of the soil fertilization, planting, harvesting and the distribution of animals’ rations, Dinamica Generale developed its own software that is linked to several products, such as its weighing systems and NIR analyzers.

Such software offers the opportunity to keep track of all the different materials and processes that are taking place in farms and fields, providing the opportunity to increase competitiveness, increase animal health, production, and manage inventory and reduce costs.

“We have a very extensive, diverse product offering,” says Tammy Scharlat, director of North America sales at Dinamica Generale. “Our new NIR portable technology provides farms with not only dry matter analysis, but ADF, NDF, Ash, starch, crude fat and crude protein. Results are within seconds versus waiting for laboratory results.”

Their newest NIR technology performs real-time analysis of raw materials in different sectors, including agricultural, biogas, and plastic processing. Within the agricultural market, Dinamica Generale’s NIR technology offers a more representative value of the raw material analyzed as compared to laboratory tests. Indeed, results from tests performed by a laboratory are based only on a small sample, which may not represent the variability of the entire amount of the material tested.

Dinamica Generale’s X NIR™ and the AgriNIR™ (as well as NIR On Board Solutions) offer the opportunity to have a real-time result that is more representative. The testing that can be conducted in different areas of the material, in order to have an average value of the entire amount.

The company’s new NIR portable technology is the only portable (battery operated) full spectra laboratory grade portable unit on the market today, and is able to test for feed value — including the constituents listed above.

The technology is also utilized in many types of farm equipment such as combines, choppers, balers, etc. in order to optimize harvesting and get the most out of field production. Harvesting at the right time and with the right dry matter allows for better quality silage production, which results in higher quality rations for cows, decreased feed costs and increased profitability. In addition, the NIR portable technology provides real-time results. This allows for consistent daily rations and increases milk production, overall animal health, and eliminates the need for waiting for laboratory results.

“Our equipment is full spectrometry and laboratory grade with accuracy as low as 1.5% compared to the lab,” Scharlat says. “We help farmers and ranchers save time by not having to send as many samples to the lab. Our technology also allows them to make real-time adjustments to recipes based on dry matter after a rain event.”

Most of the products within the company’s weighing systems’ line are compatible with those of the other manufacturers. This allows for the company to introduce load cells or indicators in existing systems, so customers can easily integrate their existing systems on their machines with Dinamica Generale’s exceptional technology.

What’s more, the company’s software is offered in several levels — from light-entry level to more advanced — and is available in two different versions: local and cloud.  As Scharlat explains, while the local version is installed on only one specific device, the cloud version allows the program to be used through the Internet, enhancing the accessibility and availability of the program. This allows the farm’s nutritionist to make recipe adjustments very quickly and easily.

Customer satisfaction also is paramount so Dinamica Generale offers online service support and updates, while providing customers with complete support through the provision of after-sales service guaranteed 24 hours, 365 days per year in 7 languages including English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Arabic and Russian.
“Farmers save time, energy and money using our solutions,” Scharlat says. “We are the only company on the market to offer the diverse, advanced technology solutions and products and continue to design to a need and keep it simple.”