ImmuCell’s First Defense Team Expands, Adds Sarah Eck and Michelle Philibeck

Published on Thu, 08/26/2021 - 11:03am

ImmuCell’s First Defense Team Expands, Adds Sarah Eck and Michelle Philibeck.

 ImmuCell, an entrepreneurial animal health company focused on disease prevention, announces the hiring of Sarah Eck and Michelle Philibeck as sales and marketing managers in the Midwestern region. Due to tremendous growth, ImmuCell recently restructured the Midwestern territory with Eck covering the lower Midwestern region and Philibeck supporting the upper Midwestern region.

“We are thrilled to welcome Sarah, and welcome back Michelle to the First Defense team,” says Bobbi Brockmann, ImmuCell Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Adding another position to our Midwestern region allows us to better serve our customers and maintain our continued growth. At ImmuCell, we’re focused on bringing unconventional solutions to dairy and beef producers,” says Brockmann. “We’re excited to have these new team members on board to help us do just that.”

Sarah Eck serves as the sales and marketing manager for the new lower Midwestern region. In this role, she will establish and build relationships with animal health distributors, veterinarians, calf raisers, dairy farmers and cow/calf operators. Eck previously worked as a regional account manager serving dairy customers at Novita Nutrition and Saskatoon Colostrum Company. Eck also has on-farm experience, having worked one and a half years as a calf and heifer manager responsible for the health of more than 300 calves.

Michelle Philibeck rejoins the First Defense team as the sales and marketing manager for the upper Midwestern region. Like Eck, Philibeck will build relationships with distributors, veterinarians and producers. Previously, Philibeck was a regional sales manager for Diamond V, a sales and marketing manager at ImmuCell, and director of operations for Dairy Business Association.

First Defense® is the only USDA-approved, colostrum-derived scours preventative which goes beyond vaccination to protect against E. coli, coronavirus and rotavirus by giving antibodies directly to calves. ImmuCell is also nearing FDA approval of an intramammary treatment for subclinical mastitis. This treatment will not require a milk discard or meat withhold and will allow for economical treatment of mastitis before clinical signs appear.

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