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Published on Wed, 11/21/2018 - 1:36pm

 Behind the Wheel: Making an impact in the community

 Article and photo courtesy of CNH Industrial Corporate

 Sometimes it’s the small, local community projects that make the biggest impact. Watch the latest episode of the Behind the Wheel series as we follow a team of volunteers from the Case IH tractor plant in Racine, Wisconsin, U.S.A. participating in an Impact Day service project. The episode shows the team working together to harvest fresh produce from the Hunger Task Force Farm in Franklin, Wisconsin. Watch the episode online:
CNH Industrial (NYSE: CNHI /MI: CNHI) has a demonstrated and proven commitment to sustainability, which includes a strong focus on community engagement. Through its “Impact Day” program, employees in North America can volunteer as teams in the communities where they work and live — promoting strong relationships between the company and community-based organizations.
There have been more than 75 Impact Days since 2017 with thousands of employees donating their time and effort to volunteer. Teams of employees are able to select from dozens of different local and national philanthropic organizations to help.
The current Behind the Wheel video features volunteers from Case IH, a brand of CNH Industrial, at the Hunger Task Force Farm in Franklin, Wisconsin. Hunger Task Force is a free, local food bank, which was first formed in 1974 to support a network of 70 food pantries, soup kitchens and homeless shelters. All of the fresh produce grown on the farm is delivered to the food bank’s network partners.
As the eighth-year Industry Leader in the Machinery and Electrical Equipment segment in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, World and Europe, CNH Industrial appreciates the fundamental importance of providing opportunities for its employees to impact local communities in a positive way.  

A.I.Tags SMT Automated Dairy Cattle Estrus Detection System Launches at World Dairy Expo In Madison, Wisconsin, USA and Eurotier Expo In Hanover, Germany, European Union

Article provided by A.I.TAGS

Discoveries180 will formally launch its Internet Of Things and Machine Vision-powered A.I.TAGS SMT™ Automated Dairy Cattle Estrus Detection System in the United States at the World Dairy Expo (October 2-6, 2018) and launch internationally at the EuroTier Expo in Hanover, Germany (November 13-16, 2018). The launches will provide opportunities for dairy operators or potential strategic partners to examine the revolutionary offering in detail, in person.
The A.I.TAGS SMT™ System offers busy dairy farmers a completely automated method to identify and segregate only those animals ready for insemination. The A.I.TAGS SMT™ System reduces labor, eliminates unreliable “gut instinct” identification, improves breeding cycles, and lowers animal stress. The system has patents pending.
The A.I.TAGS SMT™ System works by using a UV sensitive Industrial Controller to identify dairy cattle in estrus by reading the amount of exposed UV reflective material on an adhesive tag on the animal. If the Industrial Controller senses a sufficient amount of reflected UV (meaning the animal has been mounted multiple times), the drafting gate automatically sorts that animal into a pen with other animals ready for insemination.

“Most electronic systems are technical for technology’s sake,” said Discoveries180 President and CEO David Stampe. “They rely on intrusive collars and unreliable batteries. What’s more, they ‘estimate’ mounting activity rather than rely on direct evidence of contact. Competing systems look fancy, but don’t deliver results dairy farmers care about. Dairy businesses don’t need data, they need actions that deliver profits.”

The A.I.TAGS SMT™ System offers four distinct advantages:
Advantage #1: Labor Reduction

The A.I.TAGS SMT™ System reduces labor by eliminating the need to identify dairy cows in estrus by sight. No matter what visual system is used, other systems rely on visual identification by humans. The A.I.TAGS SMT™ System requires no technical training. Simply apply the tags and watch the cows and heifers line up to be inseminated.

Advantage #2: Eliminate “Gut Instinct”
The A.I.TAGS SMT™ System eliminates gut instinct by removing the human from the decision process; the UV sensitive Industrial Controller makes a reliable, mathematical decision in a fraction of a second. That decision eliminates both false positives and false negatives. The Industrial Controller is also capable of expanding functions of the system in the future. Other systems use only cameras that cannot expand services.

Advantage #3: Improved Breeding Cycles
The A.I.TAGS SMT™ System improves breeding cycles by eliminating the chance that the dairy farmer will miss an insemination opportunity – even by a day. Each morning or evening, the farmer will find a pen of animals ready for service that are in the “12 Hour Rule” of breeding.

Advantage #4: Lower Animal Stress
The A.I.TAGS SMT™ System reduces animal stress by reducing the frequency of handling and examination by humans. This reduces the chance of injury to both the animal and the farmer, especially inexperienced farm hands.
Discoveries180 has development and manufacturing partners in the United States and the European Union.