Innovations for Hay Equipment

Published on Tue, 04/28/2020 - 1:22pm

Innovations for Hay Equipment.

 The pace of modern technology improvements shows no signs of abatement any time soon, and hay equipment is no exception to this trend. Equipment improvements and new features for harvesting, handling and feeding out hay continue to be offered to farmers acroos the nation.

 Fair Manufacturing Inc.

 The 7200-LMH by Fair Mfg. Inc. is the first of its kind loader mounted bale processor specifically designed for wheel loaders. With its ability to carry up to three bales, load from ground level or bale pyramid, bunk feed, and bed over gates and panels, it is the most efficient bale processor on the market.  Made in the USA, Patent pending.  Contact Fair Manufacturing Inc., Yankton, SD.  Ph. 605-653-3247 •

EZ Trail
Here’s how herds of hungry Herefords n’ hundreds of happy herdsmen “heaps of hay”.
Testimonials from cattlemen, and women, are saying their CF890 Bale Carrier Feeders are saving enough hay and labor to pay for themselves the first year!
The patented two-in-one CF890 has 22 ft. long feeder panels that slide out to 11 ft. wide when loaded. The panels then slide in to 5½ ft. empty width as the cattle press toward the center while feeding. Special hinges allow panels to slide freely, even when one end slides ahead of the other.
The bale feeder loads easily without opening the side panels when using a front-end loader and a bale spear.

The side panels hinge on one end and swing open with a Dolly wheel for loading with a 3-point rear bale spear.
...Or they are easily removed by pulling just one pin when used strictly as a bale carrier.
Four bale cradles are provided to feed up to eight 5 ft. or six 6 ft. bales at one time.
The self-cleaning cradles eliminate spoilage from mold or mildew. Cattle can clean up any loose hay that may fall through the cradles before it is trampled or wasted. • (800) 677-2802