Liberty Safe: Protecting the American Dream for 30 Years

Published on Wed, 07/17/2019 - 4:14pm

 Liberty Safe: Protecting the American Dream for 30 Years.

 Article and photos courtesy of Liberty Safe.

 For all intents and purposes, Liberty Safe is the epitome of the American dream. From building just six safes each day in 1988 to becoming the industry leader in safe engineering and technology, Liberty Safe has spent the last 30 years doing business for and with Americans. What started in a few storage units has culminated in the ability to manufacture up to 500 safes each and every day. And with over two million safes sold, the team at Liberty take their responsibility to preserve and protect seriously.

You might associate safes with gun ownership, but more and more consumers are using safes to protect their own slice of the American dream. Each safe owner has a different definition of the things they value the most. From memories to mementos, valuables to documents, Liberty Safe is there to protect every family’s story. “Our mission is to safeguard what matters most,” says Justin Buck, Liberty’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “That’s what drives us to continue our focus on engineering and testing. We want to create better features for a more secure safe.”

The Liberty Difference
So, what sets Liberty Safe apart from the competition? First and foremost, all of their full-sized safes are manufactured right here in the U.S., not imported from China or Mexico, and use American-made steel.  

Secondly, from day 1, Liberty has focused on — and invested heavily in — technology. With features like their heavy-duty Tough Doors™, anti-pry tabs, triple-layered ball-bearing hardplates that resist drilling and punching, relocking devices that secure your lock if someone attempts to punch through it, and thicker bodies with robotically welded seams to increase the strength of your safe, you’ll know you have security you can count on.
Liberty’s engineers developed something called two-piece roll form technology. This means the body of the safe is created with just two pieces of steel: the sides, top, and bottom are formed from one piece of solid steel that’s bent into shape. This allows for fewer welds, which are a known weak point on safes.
Liberty’s latest engineering breakthrough — military-style locking bars — were developed specifically to help stop pry attacks. Most safes have steel round pins in the door. When you lock the safe, the pins extend out and lock the door onto the body of the safe. Unfortunately, while the pins themselves are strong, the rivets that attach the pins aren’t as tough. This can create a weak point in the safe door, which thieves can exploit when applying pressure to pry it open.
Liberty Safe’s military-style locking bars solve this age-old problem. Rather than attaching to a pin bar with rivets, their locking bars are made from one solid piece of heavy-duty steel. When engaged, there’s four times the surface area when compared to typical 1-inch round pins, increasing the locking strength significantly.

Torture Tests
Of course, it’s one thing to claim you have a superior product. It’s another thing entirely to prove it. And for years, Liberty has been proving the durability of their safes the best way they know how: Torture Tests.
“We’ve dropped thousand-pound cement blocks on our safes, blown them up with explosives, asked former special ops military members to try prying them open, and even attached one to a helicopter and dropped it from 500 feet in the air,” Buck says. “We put our products through torture tests to prove that they can withstand some serious force.”
Of course, your safe should never need to survive a helicopter drop. But Liberty’s technology has been put to the test in real-life situations, too. No other safe company has had as many safes survive actual house fires. They have testimonials from customers whose safes have survived attempted burglaries, hurricanes, and even been picked up by a tornado, tossed half a block away, and remained locked up tight.

The Liberty Safe Commitment
Liberty safes do what they say will. The company’s focus on strength, engineering, and protection has helped them become America’s #1 safe manufacturer. And because they’re so confident in their products, they back all of their safes with the industry’s best warranty. If your safe is damaged during a fire or attempted break-in, Liberty will replace it… including delivery and installation.
Whether you want to safeguard antiques, passports, pictures, documents, jewelry, cash, or firearms, Liberty Safe can keep your valuables organized and secure. The company has invested over $30 million in security innovation and engineering to make their safes offer the protection they promise. From stronger welds to better locking mechanisms, Liberty Safes can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your valuables are protected for generations to come. Liberty’s 350 employees in Payson, Utah, plus their hundreds of independent dealers across the country, are all dedicated to creating the best product for consumers.
Liberty’s American dream? To do whatever it takes to protect yours.

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