Lira Gold® Helping Dairy Producers Excel for Over 20 Years

Published on Wed, 02/26/2020 - 9:53am

 Lira Gold® Helping Dairy Producers Excel for Over 20 Years

 By Steve Weisman

 Today’s dairy producers are constantly looking for ways to optimize herd health and drive productivity, both of which directly impact their ability to increase milk production and revenues. Feed is typically the number one expense on most dairy farms. Properly maximizing forage and feed utilization directly impact the animal’s ability to produce more milk, support overall health and drive more profitable milk production. For more than 20 years, LIRA GOLD® (, a division of the Daniel Baum Company, has partnered with dairy producers across the country offering products formulated to help them meet their breeding, lactation, fresh cow, heifer grow-out and calf raising goals. That’s why LIRA GOLD® is one of the most respected names in livestock nutritional care.

What is LIRA GOLD®
The  LIRA GOLD®  product line offers a variety of direct-fed microbial supplements (DFMs), fresh cow capsules, gels and drenches and calf products that feature research-proven ingredients to support proper digestion, increased milk production and herd health…enhance digestive efficiency, increase milk production and enhance digestive health, all of which leads to helping maintain overall animal well-being and productivity.

LIRA GOLD® dairy supplements are a premium blend of multiple yeast sources, direct-fed probiotics and digestive enzymes to be used in all classes of dairy feeds. Each product is formulated with the highest quality ingredients that work together to deliver the results demanded by today’s dairy producers. Their flagship product, LIRA GOLD® Original designed for lactating cows, helps dairy cows maintain normal digestive health and maximize the utilization of feed to support overall health and increased milk production. Research studies across the nation resulted in an average of 4.9 pounds more milk per day per cow versus competitive products and controls, when LIRA GOLD®  Original was added to their rations on a daily basis.   

Many dairy producers have been challenged by lower than expected dry matter intakes (DMI) in their cows. LIRA Gold® E-X-T addresses this by taking the Original Formula and adds an appetite stimulant that can increase feed consumption.

David Mathes, Director of Sales and Marketing, has been with the Daniel Baum Company for just over nine years. “We have a strong following of producers who have registered and performance herds that have been very successful in the show ring. LIRA GOLD®  E-X-T has played an integral role in their success.”

Kendra Nagle, Purple Vision Boarding of Lebanon, PA, discusses why they utilize LIRA GOLD®  E-X-T. “We love LIRA GOLD®  E-X-T because it keeps cows eating through moves, feed changes and transitions. New cows to the herd show dramatic improvement within one to two weeks. We flush cows, and the egg quality and quantity are great! The whole herd is fed E-X-T.”

LIRA GOLD® TN+ addresses the issue of molds and mycotoxins, which can cause forage quality issues that impact herd health and productivity. LIRA GOLD® TN+ combines the benefits of LIRA GOLD® Original and adds ingredients that offer a multi-prong approach that can help keep cows on track.

Summer heat can also take its toll on cows and negatively impact milk production. It is never too early to plan for providing supplemental electrolytes and essential nutrients when temperatures create environmental stress on your herd. LIRA GOLD®Hydrolyte COW™ is easy to feed daily by adding right to your lactating cows’ feed. According to Bill Lyons, Lyons Family Farm near Loysville, PA, “LIRA GOLD® Hydrolyte COW™ is fed in the hot, summer weather. It really helps our cows cope with heat stress. Hydrolyte COW™ works better than anything I’ve seen.”

How are LIRA GOLD® supplements fed? LIRA GOLD® direct-fed microbial products can be top-dressed or mixed in a TMR (Total Mixed Ration) at a mill or on the farm.

In addition, LIRA GOLD® has a wide range of products including LIRA GOLD®  Silage Inoculants (dry and water soluble). Mathes says, “Maximizing forage quality and utilization starts in the field at harvest. Adding our LIRA GOLD® Silage Inoculant to help lock in forage quality preserves the forage that you rely on to drive milk production throughout the year.”

Why choose LIRA GOLD®
• Its products are formulated with high quality, natural ingredients and manufactured at a facility that is certified by the American Feed Industry Association’s Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program.
• Its all-natural products also contain ingredients that are used to formulate products that are allowed for use in organically certified operations. Always ask your certifier for approval to use any product prior to using in your animals.

About Daniel Baum Company
LIRA GOLD® is a division of the Daniel Baum Company, which is a family business that develops and markets solutions for health and productivity for a variety of animals and livestock. The company was born out of a third-generation family business active in manufacturing fermented sausage products. The discovery of a new process to speed up the fermentation of sweet bologna led to breakthrough product development discovery, which then led to the founding of the Daniel Baum Company in 1984 to apply that science to animal agriculture. The company continues to maintain its ties with the family bologna business, Baum’s Bologna®, which is celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 2020!  

The Daniel Baum Company is led by Dan Baum, who has built upon a degree in agriculture from Penn State University with over 35 years of experience in microbiology. In addition, its staff has practical expertise in business, agriculture sales and animal health, and are ready to answer questions and help with each producer’s individual solutions. Partnering with other quality-driven companies has enabled Daniel Baum Company to grow and increase efficiency while remaining exceedingly responsive to its customer’s changing needs.

Mathes notes, “LIRA GOLD® products are available all across the country. Interested in learning more? Contact us at (800) 992-3147. We look forward to exploring how we can help you in reaching your productivity and profitability goals.”    
For producers interested in learning more, check out the LIRA GOLD® website at (, call (800) 992-3147 or email them at