Manage Manure Art’s Way V-180 Spreader Equipped with New Digi-Star® Nutrient Management System

Published on Tue, 08/19/2014 - 1:20pm

Accurate manure application is becoming a necessity in today’s demanding environmental and economic climates. Between rising fertilizer prices, heavier governmental regulations and the push for transparency in food production, tracking each nutrient application has never been more important. To meet the growers’ need for managed and increased transparency of manure application, Arts’ Way now offers a Digi-Star® NT460 nutrient management system as an option to its largest Roda V-series spreader, the V-180. Working in tandem with the spreader, the Digi-Star® NT460 system uses on-the-go weight reading combined with travel speed and GPS coordinates to calculate and store the application for any field location.
“We understand the importance of lowering overhead costs in all facets of crop production,” said Darren Mcgregor, Director of Engineering at Art’s Way. “Making available a GPS-based management system in one of our most popular manure spreaders meets growers’ need to maximize efficiency, as well as giving them the confidence that they are complying with ever increasing regulations for protecting the environment.”
The NT460 system has five main components: a GPS receiver, a scale system, an indicator, a USB drive and nutrient tracker software. The GPS gathers information from satellites to track position and speed of the manure spreader. The information is stored in the indicator. The scale system uses load cells customized to the V-180 spreader that measure the weight and application rate of the manure. The system compares weight and GPS information for detailed feedback.
The indicator displays actual tons per acre and stores information from the GPS and load cells for future use. Operators can set rate tolerances and analyze data in the field if necessary. So growers can see and react to application rates in real time, the indicator has a large readable display and intuitive operation.
With the indicator’s new, patent pending AutoLog™ automatic start/stop function, there is no need to remember to push the Start/Stop button when unloading the V-180 spreader. With the use of a magnetic switch and new software, it is done automatically.
The USB drive on the indicator is used to easily transfer data between the field and a computer. Nutrient Tracker software is an easy-to-use computer program that stores and maps application data for monitoring and management.
“The system can reduce costs by minimizing supplemental fertilizer required,” Mcgregor said. “Furthermore, as farms have converged with expanding residential or protected areas, the DNR, USDA and the EPA have stepped up their interest in monitoring manure applications. With this system a responsible grower can show data of proper application.”
The Roda V-180 from Art’s Way is a dual-axel spreader with an 18-foot box and a 468 cubic-foot capacity.
“The V-180 is one of the most rugged, reliable and productive spreaders on the market,” Mcgregor said. “It meets producers’ needs for greater capacity, strength and technological enhancements.”
Twin vertical beaters on the V-180 rotate at 420 RPM for uniform spreading of all types of manure. Beaters are easily removable for stockpiling in the off-season.
A hinged slop gate provides for uniform unloading of peaked loads. The gate is hydraulically controlled with driver selectable positioning and is designed to use for both manure and forage. The floor of the V180 spreaders is 1/2 inch of solid virgin poly UHMW for durability, ease of unloading and longer life.
For more information about the Roda V-180 spreader with the Digi-Star® NT460 nutrient management system contact your nearest Art’s Way dealer at 712-864-3131, or visit the Art’s Way website: