Milc Group Releases Advanced Cloud-based Feed Software to Help Dairymen Become More Profitable

Published on Thu, 09/19/2019 - 12:12pm

Milc Group Releases Advanced Cloud-based Feed Software to Help Dairymen Become More Profitable

By Steve Weisman

Today, more than ever, dairy producers are charged with making incredibly tough decisions that can have a huge impact on their bottom line. To make things even more difficult, there are so many options, and the question becomes: “What are the best choices for my herd and who can I trust?” milc group (, an innovative California-based tech company, is on a mission to help solve this dilemma. milc group uses a different approach to bring innovation to the dairy industry through technology, culture development and education. According to Dr. Michel Baldin, Dairy Technology Developer, milc’s difference is people and company vision. “Traditionally, tech innovation in the dairy industry has been driven by companies that sell feed, additives, equipment, or genetics. milc group’s single goal is to build simple, affordable and powerful technologies, dairymen don’t need to buy corn gluten feed or semen from us to have access to our software”, says Baldin. A skilled set of dairy experts, engineers and developers with experience in designing, developing, and implementing dairy solutions also makes milc group unique.

With these multiple backgrounds, milc group experts are capable of visualizing problems from different angles. As an example, Baldin mentions one™ feed, which is the newest technology module in milc’s cloud-based platform. one™ feed totally simplifies the feeding process for producers, nutritionists and the dairy’s employees. It is a software designed to transform the way you feed your herd!

Baldin says by using one™ feed producers will be able to drive efficiencies like never before. For example, the software directly improves feeder accuracy, efficiency and accountability. With one™ feed, producers can deliver the best nutrition, while spending less time managing the feeding process. The cloud-based platform updates in real-tome and keeps all user connected and informed, so feeding cows becomes a true team effort.

When it comes to feeding cows, the goals are simple: Dairymen want to increase income over feed cost; Feeders want to feed cows on time and accurately; and Nutritionists want to close the gap between ration formulated and ration fed. We have the right people and we set the right goals, so why do we still fall short? Baldin explains that over the years, as the industry leading feed software attempted to incorporate new technology, they have become too complex to use and too pricey to adopt or maintain.  “The beauty and power of our program comes from it’s simplicity” says Baldin. The hardware is simple, affordable, and plug and play. Everything can be accessed and completed by computer and mobile device. It also has an easy intuitive user interface and eliminates the need for remote access. Plus, on-the-go adjustments to dry matter, pen counts and rations can be easily completed. Additionally, powerful data visualization tools and analytics give the dairyman actionable insights, and hence, help raise the bottom line! 

Baldin notes that milc group’s goal is to make the entire process easy for producers: “We believe that technology does not need to be complicated and expensive. No matter what the setup is, the dairy can easily implement our advanced cloud-based feed software”. milc group offers free demos of the one™ feed software and allows you to hear feedback directly from current users. Inquiries can be sent to or (805) 308-2178.

Producers attending the World Dairy Expo on October 1-5, 2019 are encouraged to visit the milc group Booth: EH5003. According to Baldin, the first 50 customers to sign up will get free hardware.