Milk Point Peace of Mind

Published on Thu, 03/17/2022 - 5:31pm

Milk Point Peace of Mind.

 Article and photos provided by BouMatic.

An essential component to milking gently, quickly, and completely is having a pulsation system that is working properly. Knowing that every milk point is being monitored to maintain peak performance can be a real peace of mind. BouMatic introduces the newly updated Pulse MD™ Milk Point Monitoring unit.

The Pulse MD is a real-time monitoring tool that diagnoses potential issues for your dairy parlor. It combines the latest hardware sensors and advanced software to continuously check pulsator performance and the corresponding milk harvest related equipment. It will alert you with a code on the unit to let you know to check that stall.

The Pulse MD will be installed in conjunction with the SmartDairy Connect controller. The controller operates on a web-based application using web browser software, meaning Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, and others. You can remote in from any web browser via smartphone or computer. All that is needed is the IP address found on the controller. This allows a dealer, herd manager, and other key players to monitor the milk point performance or review the reporting no matter what their location.

Parlor Service Report
Just like the SmartLite reporting, the Pulse MD will have a Parlor History report that details milking time, alarms, and pulsation graphs. Data can be viewed by ‘Date’ or by ‘Milkings’.

When viewing a report, it will display green and red bars. The red areas signify an error. When you select on an error it will bring up a screen detailing the time of the error, the duration of the error and the error code for that stall.

The Parlor Service Report can be run to show only the stalls with errors. It will then detail the stall number, the number of alarms, length of alarms and the related alarm codes.

The Pulse MD is just one more way to help improve upon the efficiency and profitability of a parlor. Improve your overall operation by combining SmartLite to achieve more accurate information on your routines and improve your operation’s efficiency, reliability and eventually your cow’s comfort and health.
In the Know, Even on the Go
The PulseMD has mobile notifications so you can monitor even when away from the farm.  With the Pulse MD monitoring your vital parlor health statistics, you have a built-in service technician 24/7/365 accessible from your cellphone.  You can rest easier knowing you will be alerted to key issues in your parlor performance. The mobile notifications allow you even more visibility into monitoring your systems and alert you on your phone if a problem arises.

Pulse MD mobile notifications can be set up to be sent for the parameters of either minutes or milking.
• Minutes: can select from between 1 to 255 minutes
• Milkings: can select the number of milking to be in alarm before receiving notification
• This can also be done in the SmartDairy Connect controller program under Alarms/Notifications tab
• The alarm needs to stay in the alarm state for the entire parameter, so if for some reason it alarmed and then corrected itself before the parameter you had set, it will reset itself and you will not be notified.

Other customizable settings include language, notification sound and notification origin. All notifications will be shown on the home page with date, time and stall number shown on each alarm. You can select each notification for more information including length of the alarm and alarm code describing what caused the alarm.
This feature allows both the dealer and the farmer to stay notified as to the performance of each stall location. And maintaining milk point performance is key to ensuring the highest quality milk harvest is being achieved.