Mueller: Cooling the World’s Milk

Published on Thu, 09/19/2019 - 12:19pm

Mueller: Cooling the World’s Milk

By Steve Weisman

 Since 1955, Paul Mueller Company (, headquartered in Springfield, Missouri  has set the standard for milk storage and cooling equipment in the dairy industry with the ongoing goal of protecting milk, the producer’s time and profits. Over the years, producers have come to appreciate the signature Mueller® blue logo. Growth continues, and today additional manufacturing and sales operations are located in Osceola, Iowa; Groenlo, The Netherlands; and Vietnam. Always on the cutting edge of technology, Paul Mueller Company has recently released a series of six new Mueller® Milk Towers with milk capacity ranging from 7,000 gallons to 40,000 gallons designed with increased cooling capacity and enhanced features specific to dairy farm applications.

Although Paul Mueller Company has manufactured vertical storage units for several years, Chris Ancipink, Product Manager, is excited about what Mueller® Milk Towers will provide for the dairy producer. Realizing that dairy producers needed a Milk Tower that could provide them flexibility previously difficult to achieve, the new Mueller® Milk Towers offer the following:
• increased storage capacity
• elimination of downtime and
   interruption of milking
• improved flexibility for haulers
• waste avoidance
• reduced transportation costs

Rick McClenning, National Sales Manager for the last three years and a dealer for 40 years, agrees with Ancipink. “We knew there was a demand for more storage, but we never realized the interest there has been from direct load operations. It has been amazing the interest there has been for on-site milk storage. For haulers, it’s getting tougher to get drivers that are available all hours of the day, night, weekends and holidays. For processors, there is a significant shift in when they need the milk. Being able to store milk on-site offers both flexibility for all parties and the potential for more profitability.”

Ancipink talks construction. “The outer shell is an embossed-aluminum that makes it corrosive resistant, and its increased insulation and R-value help to hold the optimum storage temperature longer. The redesigned evaporator plate also helps us to cool the milk and keep it at the optimum temperature longer. The inner shell and base ring assembly are all stainless steel, reducing the chance of corrosion occurring.”

The tower’s inner tank incorporates Mueller Temp-Plate® heat transfer surface, but with a new horizontal orientation. The heat transfer surface removes more heat from milk in the same amount of time when compared to other silos, and its horizontal orientation creates an increased cooling surface area allowing optimal refrigeration at lower milk volumes. A powerful, built-in evaporator supports temperature maintenance. The Mueller milk tower offers ultimate product protection, enabling the producer to deliver the highest-quality milk possible.

Ancipink believes that the Mueller® Milk Towers will be a perfect option for producers that want to add to their milking operation, but don’t want to spend the money to build a new building or expand. “The Mueller® Milk Tower can be set up outside the barn on a cement slab with alcove assembly in the milk room that takes up a 60” x 60” space.”

McClenning sees the Towers working well in both new construction and remodeling situations. “What we find, though, is that instead of putting in one Milk Tower, we will put in two. For instance, say we put in a 15,000-gallon Tower and it takes 1½ days to fill it. If the producer has a second 15,000-gallon Tower, they can fill the second Tower while they get a hauler to empty and wash the first.” What that does is it gives the producer the flexibility of a three-day window. McClenning adds, “There really is no limit on how many Mueller® Milk Towers can be placed at a facility. We have one dairy that has four 40,000-gallon Towers, and more planned for the future.”

For dairy producers interested in learning more about the Mueller® Milk Tower, a dealer network is available to offer advice on the size and accessory cooling that are needed. McClenning says, “We have over 200 authorized dealers in the United States and Canada. Contact your local dealer, who will then come out, take measurements and calculate the appropriate solutions. Once the producer and dealer determine what is needed, a work order is put in to the factory in Springfield. It takes 10-12 weeks for production. Once completed, Mueller has its own delivery system and will deliver the Tower. Upon delivery, the dealer will make sure that the installation is completed quickly and accurately.”

Ancipink shares his pride for the Mueller employees. “Product quality and service are extremely important to us. Our goal is to produce the best equipment possible.” McClenning, meanwhile, notes, “As sales manager, I take great pleasure in serving the dealers who for so many years were my peers. Last fall, we invited our dealers in for a dealer conference and gave a tour of the manufacturing facility. They were overwhelmed by the craftsmanship they observed. It takes both artistry and craftsmanship to produce Mueller products.”

Paul Mueller Company stands by its name and the names of all its customers. A quote that McClenning has often heard sums up what Paul Mueller Company strives to do. “When Paul Mueller said, ‘The best compliment a customer can give us is another order,’ we took that to heart. If we don’t do our job well, they can’t do their job well. It is this pride of craftsmanship and customer service that has led us to be an industry leader in processing equipment manufacturing since 1940. We are honored to be trusted by these valued customers.”