Partners in Progress: TIMAB USA’s uniquely formulated pHix-up is making an impact on rumen pH management

Published on Fri, 07/09/2021 - 12:02pm

Partners in Progress: TIMAB USA’s uniquely formulated pHix-up is making an impact on rumen pH management

Contributed by Lauren Woloohojian and Aurore Courillon

Dairy producers understand that when it comes to maximum performance, meeting the nutritional needs of animals is paramount for both production and health.  But animal nutrition is a complex subject comprised of a myriad of innovative solutions for animal health.  In fact, establishing a solid nutrition program and utilizing the ideal supplemental products not only optimizes digestion, it also leads to improved milk production and overall performance.  That’s where TIMAB USA and its pHix-up product comes in.

TIMAB USA is part of Groupe Roullier, a family-owned company founded in 1959.  With TIMAB Magnesium and its subsidiaries MAGNESITAS NAVARRAS and MAGNESIUM DO BRASIL, Groupe Roullier has developed an expertise that is unique worldwide in three applications of magnesia: agricultural, industrial and refractories.  With more than 40 years of experience as specialists in magnesium, TIMAB USA puts research and development at the heart of its approach and innovates daily to meet the needs of customers seeking effective animal nutrition.  Essentially, the company strives to understand customers’ challenges and deliver what’s required to offset those challenges.

To offer the ideal magnesium products to producers within the dairy industry, TIMAB USA has its own development teams, supported by the World Innovation Center (Centre Mondial de l’Innovation) CMI of Groupe Roullier.  With two integrated production sites—Magnesitas Navarras and Magnesium Do Brasil, the company can ensure full traceability for its products.  Thanks to their network of partners and strategic alliances, the TIMAB USA sales network is always available to respond to customers’ needs.

As part of the company’s ongoing efforts to provide innovative animal nutrition products, TIMAB USA introduced pHix-up, a unique solution which acts directly on rumen pH to neutralize excess acid.  So, what makes pHix-up innovative?  The vision for pHix-up began in 2015 with the objective to develop a product that would incorporate potency, adapted kinetic and consistency of response.  To achieve this goal, the company combined two very important factors: TIMAB USA’s expertise to screen magnesium sources and the research capacity of Groupe Roullier to generate multiple tests on an in vitro rumen fluid system.  Thanks to this expertise, TIMAB USA selected specific complementary magnesium oxide sources to guarantee an optimal rumen pH for cattle.  Together the team formulated pHix-up during a three-year process and the results speak for themselves.

Quite simply, it’s the only product on the market to combine a higher neutralizing capacity (39 mEq/g compared to 12 mEq/g for Sodium Bicarbonate) and a fast- and long-lasting mode of action.  pHix-up is designed to increase rumen pH quickly and to maintain an optimal pH between feedings and over a long period of time.
Producers should note that pHix-up was developed specifically to address the need for a product that can help bring better value from high energy rations and improve the rumen environment.  It is important that cows reach their full potential, but the R&D team at TIMAB USA also recognizes the inherent need to ensure the rumen environment is both healthy and stable (pH 6.2-7.0).  Cows are like athletes; high performance is linked to a healthy rumen environment!

In a published meta-analysis study, encompassing 28 comparative in vivo tests, TIMAB USA validated that pHix-up is the only product to combine a powerful, fast- and long-lasting action on rumen pH and at a lower feeding rate than other common solutions.

As well as in vitro, pHix-up in vivo results show the potent action pHix-up has on rumen pH, intake, and milk production parameters.  These results have been published in the Journal of Dairy Science.

\In the field, 10 trials were conducted on commercial dairies worldwide using rumen boluses to collect real-time rumen pH data and milk performance on over 10,000 cows.  pHix-up showed great results in a commercial setting, with improved rumen pH, especially decreasing the time rumen pH was below 5.8, the threshold of sub-acute ruminal acidosis.  The R&D team also observed an increase of production parameters, with an average increase of 2.6 lbs of milk/cow/day and 0.11 lbs of fat/cow/day compared to the initial buffer solution.

In the United States, TIMAB USA commercial trials in both Idaho and Maryland compared pHix-up versus Sodium Bicarbonate.  pHix-up proved its efficacy, significantly reducing time spent with a pH < 5.8 and increasing the average production of Energy Corrected Milk from 2.08 lbs/cow/day to 2.17 lbs/cow/day.  

Of course, the ongoing successes of pHix-up use within the dairy industry speaks for itself.  Today, pHix-up is included in the diet of more than 250,000 high-yielding dairy cows in 30 countries across the world.  

Lauren Woloohojian
Technical Sales
Representative, TIMAB USA

Aurore Courillon
Product Manager, Ruminants,
TIMAB Magnesium