Phileo-Lesaffre Animal Care Offers Cutting Edge Technology

Published on Fri, 09/22/2017 - 2:16pm

Phileo-Lesaffre Animal Care Offers Cutting Edge Technology: SelSaf®3000 and Actisaf®Sc47 HR+ Provide Solid Answers for Dairy Producers

By Steve Weisman

According to data compiled by the United Nations, right now over 7.5 billion people inhabit our world. It is estimated that by the year 2050, there will be more than 9,800,000,000 people on this earth-that’s 9.8 billion. Now that’s a lot of people to feed! Pew Research Center notes that just here in the United States, there are over 326 million people today with an estimate of 438 million by 2050.

Is it any wonder why there is so much concern on how the world’s farmers will feed all of these people? At the forefront of this agricultural change is Phileo-Lesaffre Animal Care (, the animal health and nutrition business unit of Lesaffre Yeast Corporation (LYC).  LYC is a family-owned business founded in northern France in 1853. Phileo-Lesaffre is a global expert in the field of yeast and yeast extract with a global presence in more than 70 countries with 15 production sites across the five continents. The company is built on a philosophy that “Nothing is more precious than life.”
What does this mean for America’s farmers and ranchers? With its U. S. headquarters in Milwaukee, WI and plants in Cedar Rapids,
IA and Doltan, AL, Phileo-Lesaffre is committed to help provide America’s producers with evidence-based solutions that enhance animal health and performance, and as a result, to better enhance the lives of people.

What research shows a background:
Dr. Joe Ward, who is North American Product Manager, has been in the animal research and health business for over 30 years. He says the research and development team has spent years working to develop literally thousands of strains of yeast through yeast propagation. “Our researchers and production teams grow live yeast tailored with a specific product use in mind. We grow live yeast, safely without using any drugs or harmful additives. The end result is that animals are healthy, perform well and everything we produce is ecologically safe for the environment and safe for humans.”
Phileo-Lesaffre provides nutritional solutions based on live yeasts, yeast fractions (components, extracts, etc.) and selenium-enriched yeasts. These products improve output while bolstering different species’ resistance to specific illnesses, helping to reduce the use of
antibiotics, and more. These solutions are widely supported by large quantities of significant scientific research, quality testing and accreditations.
The company continues to support innovations in animal nutrition to enhance animal health through further development in specific live yeast strains. For example, cutting-edge research is conducted at model experimental farms, like the work conducted at a Wisconsin dairy farm with 650 heads of high-yielding Holstein cows and with beef cattle at the USDA Agricultural Research Center in Lubbock, TX.
Years of study by the research and development team of engineers, microbiologists,
and veterinarians have proven that feeding animals a yeast supplement enhances many facets of animal’s performance. In ruminants, feeding live yeasts research has shown the following:
• Stimulates the rumen’s metabolism.
• Improves the digestibility and absorption of feed.
• Reduces the risk of acidosis.
• Increases animal productivity (more milk, more persistent lactation, better growth, etc.)

Introducing a new premium yeast:
In its commitment to delivering evidence-based solutions to enhance animal health and performance, Phileo-LeSaffre has recently introduced SelSaf®3000, which is the premium yeast rich in organic selenium. According to Ward, selenium plays an essential role
for the resistance to oxidative stress for animals, and its supplementation to farm animals has become a common practice worldwide. As selenium deficiency increases, susceptibility to various diseases productivity and reproductive performance of farm animals. Ward continues, “With the use of SelSaf®3000, the cell defenses are ensured by seleno-enzymes, like the gluthatione peroxydase, whose activity increases during stress in order to neutralize free radicals to keep animals healthy.”
Within the different available sources of selenium, SelSaf®3000, the premium yeast enriched in organic selenium, distinguishes itself by its natural origin, its maximum
bioavailability and its consistent composition. SelSaf®3000 is obtained from a proprietary yeast strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, cultivated on medium enriched with sodium selenite which is bio-transformed
into organic selenium form by yeast cells.

SelSaf®3000’s main components:
• L-selenomethionine, which is incorporated into body proteins as the main selenium storage and used as a precursor to L-selenocysteine.
• L-selenocysteine, which plays an essential role against oxidative stress as a key element ensuring the activity of the antioxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase.

Key benefits of SelSaf®3000:
In summary, key benefits include the following:
• Resistance to oxidative stress.
• Recovery after
pathological event.
• Selenium content in colostrum and milk.
• Transfer of selenium from mother to its offspring via colostrum and milk.
• Selenium milk enrichment for functional food.

Actisaf®Sc47 HR+: Phileo’s Flagship solution:
After over 20 years of Phileo-Lesaffre animal care launched Actisaf®Sc47, a premium thermostable live yeast concentrate, Saccharomyces cerevisiae. By improving health through nutrition, this probiotic enhances the dairy herd’s genetic potential by increasing both productivity and milk quality. Most importantly, Actisaf®Sc47 preserves the balance of the cow’s rumen ecosystem by acting in a complementary manner on the rumen biotope and microbiota. According to Christine Julien, Ruminant R & D Manager at Phileo, ActiSaf® strengthens the reductive conditions in the rumen.

Key benefits of Actisaf®Sc47 HR:
• Increase milk yield.
• Increase dry matter intakes.
• Improve milk solids.
• Reduce the risk of acidosis.
• Reduce lameness.
• Improve fertility.
“The reduction in redox potential is strategic as it boosts the action of   
fibrolytic bacteria which uses lactic acid.” Phileo research also shows that Actisaf®Sc47 HR+ reduces the variability of the microbial profile of the cow’s rumen. Julien continues, “This homogenization of the microbiota between animals helps to standardize and stabilize herd performance.” As a result, by encouraging good rumen function on the farm, Actisaf® maximizes milk production. Today’s dairy farmers goal is to maximize milk production while maintaining milk quality standards with healthy cows.

The bottom line:
Case studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of SelSaf®3000 as a natural organic selenium source of selenomethionine and selenocysteine. These organic selenium sources offer a dual protection by boosting both the antioxidant status and the natural defenses of the animal, while at the same time exhibiting benefits for farmers and consumers by sustaining animal health and enhancing animal performance.   Incorporating SelSaf®3000 in the diets of
food producing
animals improves the economic returns to farmers as well as fostering consumers’ satisfaction by preserving food quality during shelf life.
At the same time, Actisaf®Sc47 HR+ has proven beneficial at every stage of production. In addition, the dairy industry also endorses the product for its positive impact on the sanitary and the nutritional quality of the milk.
As it has since 1853, the company continues to work with partnerships around the world to undertake the challenge of providing the research necessary for the development of innovative solutions to meet the ethical, animal health and performance challenges facing the livestock industry both today and tomorrow.