Pik Rite Hydra-Ram Spreaders: Spreaders that define excellence and durability.

Published on Tue, 09/15/2020 - 9:27am

Pik Rite Hydra-Ram Spreaders: Spreaders that define excellence and durability.

 Article courtesy of Pik Rite.

 Every dairyman knows the constant need for effective manure management.  The days of “Put it wherever you can!” are gone.  Manure management has become an integral part of the crop nutrient program as well.  Precise application and careful planning are essential to capitalizing on the nutrient value of manure. Pik Rite has worked to perfect its Hydra-Ram line of spreaders to meet the need for precision, efficiency, and durability in the dairy industry.

Our History:
Pik Rite began as a vegetable harvester manufacturer based in Lewisburg, PA.  It was started by farmers who had a great idea and strove to improve upon existing equipment prototypes to make them better.  In 2001, Pik Rite added Hydra-Ram manure spreaders to their product offerings.  Once again, the agricultural background of the staff at Pik Rite pushed them to continually improve the product, making it more durable with more efficient maintenance.

Our Advantages:
- Two-stage sliding floors: This style of floor helps maintain even distribution of the load by carrying part of the load back on a moving floor.  It prevents compaction, gets the load moving faster, and helps maintain a more even weight distribution while unloading.
- Quick detach beater system: The beater system is easy to remove with a few bolts, a quick-release PTO yoke, and D-clips on top of the unit to facilitate lifting.  This allows for stockpiling in situations where immediate spreading is not possible.  
- Direct-Drive PTO: The PTO travels directly to the beater system from the tractor underneath the spreader.  This allows more torque to be directly applied to the beaters.  Direct Drive requires fewer moving parts and eliminates the frustration caused by chains and shear pins.
- Grease fitting banks: Lubrication is key to machine maintenance.  Hydra-Ram spreaders’ lubrication fittings are placed in central locations to make maintenance easier.
- Polylaminate Floor & Sides:  This durable material is easy to clean and low maintenance.
- Clutch-Protected Drive-Lines:  Prevents damage to the machine if unexpected objects enter the beater system.


Our Models:
- HR250 – Our smallest offering coming in at 250-bushels of manure, it is ideal for smaller operations who spread daily.  The HR250 handles penpack manure with ease.  
- HR400 – The most popular model:  It’s the right size to handle more manure while keeping the recommended tractor size below 150 HP.  
- HR550 – This spreader is built for larger operations.  With a 550-Bushel capacity, it can make quick work of larger spreading chores.  
- HR880 – This, the king of our Hydra-Ram line, boasts an 880-bushel capacity and is designed for commercial-grade use.  

Our Options:
- Custom Color Choices:  Our standard is Pik Rite Green, but we also offer Industrial Yellow, Red, and Blue.
- Forward Rock Guard: A screen mounted to the front of the spreader prevents material from being projected at the operator.
- Side Extension Kit:  Side extensions increase spreader capacity.
- Road Safety & Field Light Kits
- Flow Controls: Adjusts the rate of distribution and can be mounted on the tongue of the spreader or in the cab.
- Tire Options: Spreaders come with a range of recapped truck tires, used truck tires, implement flotation tires, and flotation tires.  

Our Vision:
Pik Rite seeks to produce premier products recognized for superior design, durability and workmanship.  Our products are all made right in the heart of Pennsylvania by local workers.  We support our local farming community and provide farmers around the globe with quality products.