Poettinger Spans the Globe to Help Farmers Achieve Success

Published on Mon, 08/17/2015 - 5:44pm

By Steve Weisman

For dairy producers, choosing the right farm equipment revolves around quality, dependability and cost. Poettinger, a family-owned company with its headquarters in Austria, has partnered with farmers for over 140 years offering a complete line of tractor-mounted, implement-mounted and trailed implements for use in tillage, drilling and harvesting technologies.

Today, the Poettinger market extends across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South America and the United States. An export quota of almost 85 percent in international sales speaks for itself and is a testimonial to the partnerships Poettinger and its employees work to achieve.

Here in the United States, Poettinger’s (www.Poettinger.us) main facility is located in Valparaiso, Indiana. This facility is stocked with a range of in-season machines and an extensive parts department. According to Jacob Hoerschlaeger, Administration Manager in the United States, six regional sales (territory) managers provide product expertise for a growing market.

“Our market is constantly growing and farmers are showing more and more interest as they find that Poettinger U. S. offers a higher quality and more reliable machine.” Although Poettinger machines have been sold in Canada for over 30 years and in the United States for 15-20 years, it wasn’t until 2008 that the Valparaiso facility was built.

Hoerschlaeger notes much of the company’s success is based on the importance given to people at Poettinger, which ensures that the highest standards are maintained when designing new products. Since Poettinger employees have their roots in agriculture, they know what is expected of agricultural machinery from their own experience.

A combination of employee expertise and unswerving customer focus is our basis for devising professional solution. Poettinger’s advanced and innovative farming technologies help significantly improve efficiency in agricultural production and its services enhance its customers’ working conditions to make things easier for the producer.

Poettinger U.S., which offers a comprehensive range that features hay making machines (mowers, tedders, windrowers), self-loading harvest and silage wagons plus soil cultivation equipment (ploughs, power harrows, stubble cultivators, compact disc harrows and seed drills), is always working cutting edge technology and striving to offer farmers the best farm equipment with the best possible price and performance benefits.

This range of products includes equipment for any size operation — small or large. “Customer satisfaction is extremely important for us. Our goal is to help farmers. Our territory managers and technicians can provide answers and advice concerning the types and sizes of machines and what will work best for them,” says Hoerschlaeger.            

Here is a look at just a few of the machines that Poettinger U.S. has to offer:


The starting point for high forage quality is the careful mowing process. Best possible ground hugging, low disintegration losses and precise operation without time consuming operator intervention are the justifiable demands made from the field. Poettinger’s disc mowers offer first-class cutting quality, low drag resistance and stability.

The NOVACAT V10 mower combination (shown opposite) is the rear part of a 34 ft. front/rear combination with the option of without conditioner, tine conditioner or roller conditioner. It can be paired with the NOVACAT 351 alpha-motion front mower. This enables flexible adjustment to differing operating conditions. 

The cutting width and mower unit overlap can be optimized on the move for working on slopes, while cornering and on flat areas.

The hydraulic cylinders integrated into the booms shift the cutter bars by up to 15.74" / 400 mm. As a result, sufficient overlap with the front mower can be set in every situation.

Power is transmitted from the PTO shaft through the incoming gearbox to a drive shaft and the angular gear units that drive the mower discs. By using this type of power, owners can cut fuel consumption by one half. A constant velocity joint in the inside mower drum provides a stress-free link between the gear unit and the cutter bar. The driveline is protected by an overload clutch in the PTO shaft. A freewheel is integrated into the driveline.

Optimized ground tracking to protect the sward is a quality standard at Poettinger. On the NOVACAT V10 mower combination the ground pressure can be adjusted quickly and easily from the control terminal using hydraulic alleviation. “Floating cut” even on really bumpy ground — the guarantee for protecting the ground and producing best forage quality.

If the mower impacts an obstacle the mower unit can fold back and is brought back automatically into the working position.

Six Rotor Tedder

POETTINGER’s proven rotary tedders deliver perfect ground tracking. Tedding crops carefully without contamination entering the forage is the result. An extra wheel, mounted to the frame, so called MULTITAST wheel, provides even better ground hugging of the rotor tines.

High manufacturing quality guarantees a long service life. The 6.80 T tedder is for farmers who place value on high performance, top-of-the-range equipment and convenient operation.

Working widths of 24.44' and the small rotor diameter of 4.26' guarantees high outputs, exceptional ground tracking, perfect forage pick up and a more uniform distribution pattern.

The tedder can be configured as a 3 point mounted machine or as a trailed machine with its own transport chassis and drawbar hitch that mounts to the tractor hitch. Warning signs and road lights are standard.

The optional LIFTMATIC valve (1) on the headstock locks the outer rotors when raised at the headland. This guarantees high ground clearance. For tractors with low a three-point lifting height, the optional HYDROLIFT system (2) raises the outer rotors during headland turns. This produces sufficient ground clearance for the rotors.     


Poettinger’s rotary windrowers provide excellent working quality. Perfect ground tracking and careful handling guarantee quality feed and outstanding productivity. The TOP 691 Top Tech (shown on page 23) is a twin rotor rake that is highly popular due to its economic price and excellent maneuverability. This side rake can be flexibly configured to rake a large single swath or two narrow swaths.

The machine is off set so that the rear rotor accepts the forage from the front rotor. The optional front swath curtain is raised. This setup places a double swath. It can also form two swaths. The rear rotor is pivoted to the right. The front swath curtain is lowered so that each rotor forms its own swath. This makes it possible to form two small night swaths, or two normal-sized swaths in the case of very high forage volumes.

The frame is designed so that the two rotor units can ride over uneven ground completely independently of each other. Vertical freedom of movement is provided by a joint directly behind the angular gear unit. Transverse movement of the rear rotor unit is enabled by a pivot bearing mounted within the frame itself, and by a universal joint between the rear frame beam and the rotor unit.

One single-acting connection to the tractor hydraulics is all that is needed for lifting. Hydraulic working width adjustment for a single swath or double swaths is possible with one double-acting connection. Stepping valves provide more convenient operation for raising and lowering the rotors. The hydraulic working width adjustment system can also be used to steer at the headland and enables perfect maneuverability.

An extra wheel, mounted to the frame, so called MULTITAST wheel, provides even better ground hugging of the rotor tines.

Rakes are available from 1 to 4 rotors models

Revitalizing the soil

The TERRADISC, Poettinger’s series of compact disc harrows (shown opposite), are designed specifically for stubble cultivation and seedbed preparation. The compact design and aggressive disc angle ensure reliable penetration and excellent mixing in of harvest residues.

The short construction is a key feature of Poettinger compact disc harrows. With the TERRADISC, farmers have a choice of working depths between 1.18" and 4.72" / 30 and 120 mm. The offset configuration of the aggressively set discs mixes the harvest residues effectively into the soil. They deliver optimum processing of the soil.

The TERRADISC 6001 T is a foldable 20' compact disc harrow with a transport chassis that ensures the weight acting on the hitch and rear axle of the tractor is minimized during road transport.

A uniform surface finish with the best mixing performance meets farmer’s and contractor’s expectations in the field. To achieve this, Poettinger has optimized the geometry, size, mounting angle and penetration angle of the discs. The result: Low drag resistance, perfect ground penetration, best crumbling and mixing effect.

The twin arms are the heart of the machine. Two solid forged carrier arms are welded to a very wide clamping bracket. This ensures that the discs always retain their position and angle. Even in heavy soil it is impossible for them to deviate to the side – hard wheel tracks are broken up consistently.

Poettinger has also designed a practical drawbar that connects to the lower linkage and top linkage lugs. Optimum ground clearance at headlands and during transport can be adjusted precisely to each tractor thanks to a choice of top link positions. A drawbar and transport chassis can also be retro-fitted to TERRADISC K models for even greater flexibility.

Terradisc compact disc harrows are available from 10' to 20' in working width.

Machines for every job

These are just a few of the complete line of farm machines offered by Poettinger. As a family-owned business, Poettinger takes its responsibility towards future generations and the environment very seriously. Above all else, Poettinger believes in developing strong business relations, and the success of its customers is its main objective.