Product Spotlight: Calf Huts

Published on Thu, 01/25/2018 - 12:48pm

 Product Spotlight: Calf Huts


PolyDome is now manufacturing a complete line of livestock waterers. Included in the new line are water tubs from 56 gallons to 1000 gallons, and heated water bowls large enough for herds from 40 to 200 beef cattle. Made from high-impact, UV stabilized polyethylene, these tanks will stand up to rough treatment from large animals and extreme temperatures.
The Standard Water Tubs have reinforced outer lips, 2-inch drains, and are light enough to be moved to wherever your animals are. They are available in 4 sizes from 85 to 1000 gallons, and range in height from 19-inches to 28-inches.

The Pro Series Water Tubs have a built-in float, that is protected from livestock, and a 3/4” diameter hose fitting for water hookup to maintain water levels. They have reinforced outer lips, and 2-inch drains. They are available in 4 sizes from 56 to 700 gallons, and range in height from 19-inches to 33-inches.
New Heated Water Bowls are the perfect solution for farmers and ranchers in cold climates. The 2-piece design allows for easy installation and maintenance of the plumbing. A round top float heater, secured by wing nuts. is designed to make it easier for your livestock to drink. Thermo cycling draws water to the heat source. Heated water bowls are available in 4 sizes for herd sizes ranging from 40 to 200 beef cattle, or 20 to 100 dairy cows. Pre-installed 3/4” plumbing connectors and 3/4” Rojo® valves are included.


Riverside Plastics Inc

The RSI calf hutch is a one piece molded hutch manufactured from food grade,UV inhibited polyethylene plastic. Design of the RSI hutch allows for natural air flow thru the rear adjustable vent. Structural design needs NO metal framework around the bottom. Available with side and rear doors to allow the calf producer to choose their feeding, and bedding locations.



Agri-Plastics, an Ontario-based manufacturer of calf housing solutions, has introduced Flex Hutch™ for improved efficiency in an outdoor hutch system.
“Flex Hutch makes it much easier to care for calves in two- and three-calf hutch systems” said Agri-Plastics Owner Darren VanBuuren. “Instead of opening three doors, one for each calf, for example, the caregiver only has to open one. That’s a huge labor and efficiency savings.”
Flex Hutch can accommodate two or three calves using a changeable inner panel system. Hutches can be placed directly on the ground or elevated on skids to optimize drainage. Rugged, molded plastic construction outlasts traditional wooden hutches, and is easy to clean and sanitize for reduced downtime.
Additional benefits include:

• Adjustable, hinged Flex Roof Cover™ provides effective protection for calves in foul weather, and opens in one easy movement for light and ventilation
• Streamlined setup to simplify daily chores like bedding, feeding and watering
• One-step rear vent control
• Another innovative calf housing solution from Agri-Plastics, The Calf Housing Specialist


Port-A-Hut Inc.

For over 50 years Port-A-Hut Inc. has been manufacturing and marketing its own line of portable steel livestock shelters. Our shelters and huts get used for just about everything that you can imagine. From individual calves or sows, to sheep and goats or horses, or for larger groups of livestock, or even for storage for smaller machinery, or vehicles. The small hut (41/2’x71/2’) comes assembled and has optional front’s with and without doors. The 6’ wide hut comes in 7’ and 11’ lengths and also comes assembled, it also has optional fronts and fronts with doors. The 8’,10’,12’,and 14’ wide shelters come in any length in 7’ increments and are assembled by the customer . 2 men can setup a hut or shelter in from 2 to 4 hrs. depending on the size. The larger shelters come with all parts including 4x4 skids and bolts. You do have to anchor the larger shelters to the ground, anchors are not included with these. The small huts and the 6’ wide huts do come with anchors.