RE-COVR Making A Return From The Past

Published on Mon, 03/20/2023 - 11:07am

RE-COVRTM Making A Return From The Past.

 Article provided by Kinetic Vet.

 It’s finally back. RE-COVRTM, a reliable and fast-acting injectable antihistamine that was unavailable for the last two decades, and has returned to the market. Featuring tripelennamine hydrochloride, it allows the producer and dairyman to help livestock breathe more easily, maintain vital functions or simply feel better. Cattlemen are welcoming its new availability. “There weren’t any FDA-approved antihistaminic therapies that were available to treat conditions that involve histamine toxemias or allergic reactions in beef livestock, dairy livestock and horses” said Stuart Pierce DVM. Pierce is the co-founder of KineticVet, a prominent animal health products development company based in Lexington, KY, that redeveloped RE-COVRTM.

Pierce has extensive experience in animal health. Outside of owning a mixed-animal practice, predominantly in cattle care with some equine focus, his father was a veterinarian. This helps him understand the value of products that were used a generation ago, or longer. “I remember as a boy riding with my dad and using it for bovine respiratory disease, or hives. It was a stable tool and easy to find” he said.

An Array Of Uses
Throughout his career, Pierce has seen that histamine-related issues in livestock can grow beyond uncomfortable allergic responses and into critical disease processes. KineticVet brought RE-COVRTM back onto the market to give the cattlemen another tool to address needs he saw on a regular basis.
Cattlemen, producers and dairymen are enthusiastic about RE-COVR’s return. Part of why many are eager for RE-COVRTM isn’t just that it’s reliable on its own but that it can be used as a support to other treatment protocols. “When you’re responding to certain diseases and you’re using antibiotics or a non-steroid anti- inflammatory, for example, you can add the RE-COVRTM. It works together with those modalities” he explained.

While the product alleviates discomfort from common allergic reactions, it can be used with larger problems as well. RE-COVRTM can reduce severe effects of histamine in toxemias, such as coliform mastitis, that enter an animal’s bloodstream. It can also help to reduce problematic inflammatory cascades that are initiated by histamines because it limits the  histamine effects that damage an animal’s organs. Lastly, given that research has shown histamine causes a type 1 hypersensitivity reaction locally within the uterus that can lead to endometritis, RE-COVR’s ability to reduce histamine levels helps here as well. Pierce explained that an added benefit of RE-COVRTM is it works fast, similarly to how any other supportive medicine, like Flunixin, Meglumine, reduces swelling or pain. “It’s an immediate acting product, it’s like when people take Benadryl in the evening. It works. But with RE-COVRTM there aren’t the unwanted side effects of drowsiness that other antihistamines lead to”.

Pierce talked about one of his clients, a dairy farm that had cows with bovine respiratory disease complete with coughing and nasal discharge. That client added RE-COVRTM to their treatment protocol and called the next day to report that symptoms had cleared.

Bringing Old Standards To Modern Practices
Although KineticVet currently has more than 30 products on the market, RE-COVRTM is the start of what Pierce hopes will be an effort to bring back products that were used years ago but have been discontinued for various reasons. Bringing these products back isn’t easy, but according to Pierce, it’s long overdue. “You know, the industry may be kind of behind the eight ball as far as availability of these good products are concerned. They once were staples, and now they’ve been taken off the market” he said. “But now, we’re starting to try to bring those products back, in our minds, they’ve still got a place and there’s no other alternative”.