Red Wing Software Helps Dairy Farms Stay Financially On-Track

Published on Mon, 08/17/2015 - 5:27pm

Our customers say it best! Let Dan Luckwaldt of Luckwaldt Agriculture, Inc. in Woodville, Wisconsin explain how CenterPoint helped his operation.

Luckwaldt Agriculture, Inc. has been using CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture since January 2009.

He decided to make the switch from his more basic software to the ag-specific CenterPoint after hearing recommendations at the PDPW Conference to use management accounting, and also from a friend in the industry.

“CenterPoint definitely helps me do a better job of keeping track of loan balances. I know where I am financially, which bring me peace of mind and makes things a lot easier for my accountant at year end. Compared to our previous program, CenterPoint lets me do a better job of tracking principal, interest, and funds held on my various loans.

“I′m more in tune with exactly where my money goes,” Dan says. He also mentioned his appreciation for such ag-specific features as the ability to enter milk check data on a repeatable template. This gives him confidence in knowing all funds have been allocated properly.

“I′m confident at the end of the month all my income and expenses have been allocated properly with quantities included so I can perform further analysis,” says Dan.

“I also have been very pleased with the service we receive from Red Wing Software Partner, Barb Kelm. Whereas we previously felt left high and dry with questions with our software, we now have a partner who will come right to our facility to help us when we need it.”

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