Sometimes Simple is Simply Better

Published on Thu, 12/15/2016 - 11:06am

Sometimes Simple is Simply Better

By Steve Weisman

Whether it is new construction or updating a dairy’s milking facilities, PBI Parlor Systems has become known in the dairy industry as a leader in the manufacturing of milking stalls and equipment for dairies around the world. From the time he started building stalls in Anthony, New Mexico in 1989, owner Steve Peacock has been committed to helping dairy producers improve their bottom line by offering the finest, most durable milking stalls and equipment, along with the most exceptional ongoing customer support in the business.
“The business has certainly grown over the years,” says Peacock. “I started out being an industrial welder, and my goal was to be the best welder that I could be. Then I went into construction, remodeling corrals and barns and even built a couple of barns. Then a friend of mine, Jerry Settles, manager of Del Oro Dairy, asked if I would design a parallel stall for his dairy barn.”
Peacock’s initial response was “No, because I had no clue.” However, Settles kept after him until Peacock said he would do it! It took some tweaking, but after six months, they were both satisfied with the results. Peacock had hit a grand slam with his stall design, and over the subsequent years, dairies of all sizes, from small family dairies to large commercial dairies, have been fitted with PBI stalls. The business has grown to include customers all over the world. Today, PBI Parlor Systems sets the standard for milking stalls and related equipment. In addition, PBI stalls are engineered to be the best solution for maintaining cow safety and dairy efficiency.

Among the international customers is Almarai in Saudi Arabia. “They have become a huge customer for us,” says Peacock. “As a matter fact, when we first started working with them over 20 years ago, I and one of my employees went over to Saudi Arabia to help them set up their facilities. Since that time, we have sold over 40 sets in a variety of sizes ranging from double 10s to double 75s.”
Much of the company’s success has come because of the PBI employees. “We are truly blessed to have trusted and loyal employees,” says Peacock. “You know, in the first few years, we kept tweaking our design, just doing little things to make the product even better. We worked very hard to make the system as effective and as simple as possible.”
Whether it is new construction or remodeling an existing facility, PBI works closely with the customer to make sure that everything is customized to meet their needs. “Remodeling has become a huge part of our business,” notes Peacock.  “We also do a lot of front-end conversions. The stall design gives the customer the capability of keeping their existing butt shields in most cases. This saves them time and money on a front-end conversion.”
Value is built into every PBI stall design. Low installation and maintenance costs make PBI stalls a valuable investment for dairies of all sizes. Plus the durable construction, smooth operation and labor saving design provide ongoing increased profits. Stall designs are adaptable to suit the needs of dairies of all sizes, no matter the environment. So, really, each installation is tailored to meet the specific needs of each facility. In addition, they are compatible with all brands of milking equipment.
The Elite Parallel Stall is PBI’s signature stall and includes the following:
• A hydraulic cylinder operates an entire row raising the headstalls to a full 62” clearance. High enough for even the largest cow.
•  The speed of lowering of headstalls can be adjusted to your specifications.
• Rapid exit allows cows to leave at the same time.
• Counter weights are used on our divider gates. No springs to break or hurt your cows.
• This stall is offered on 26” centers for jersey cows only, 27” centers with double index for mixed herds or standard index for Holsteins, or 28” centers for Holsteins.
PBI also offers herringbone stalls on 29”, 30”, 36”, 38” and 44” centers. “We have found that the most efficient size centers for a herringbone stall is on 38” centers. Here again, we build to suit the producer’s needs.”
Peacock emphasizes again the simplicity of the system. “I think that’s what producers like the most. It’s simple, it works and they don’t have to mess with it.” Even so, Peacock will continue to ask those same questions. “Now today, when I go around and talk with customers, I will ask them whether they have any ideas for changes. Most often, they will tell me, ‘No! Leave it alone! It works fine!’”
David DeJong, owner of Horizon Dairy near Hico, TX, has ties with PBI going back to his days in high school. “I have been a lifelong purchaser of PBI milking stalls. When I was in high school, we converted our old Herringbone into a PBI parallel Parlor and have not looked back. Every parlor since has been constructed using PBI stalls. They are extremely reliable, durable and trouble free. The staff is professional, knowledgeable, prompt and a pleasure to work with when you may need replacement parts or a new install. PBI is the first and only number I call when it comes to milking stalls.”

Meanwhile, John Verhaar, who owns Aquila Farms near Bad Axe, MI, totally agrees with Peacock’s assertion about the simplicity of the system. “PBI installed double 32s over 14 years ago. Today, they still look like new, and everything continues to work just like it’s supposed to. They are just so sturdy. I cannot see any reason they won’t go for another 15 years.”
Verhaar adds that service has never been an issue. “After installation, they checked with me, but I’ve never needed anything serviced. It’s such an open design and not a maze of gates. The cows like it and feel comfortable entering and being in the stall. My son-in-law, who has a dairy just north of my place, liked the system so well that he put PBI stalls in in 2013. They just are the best.”
The track record of PBI Parlors and the positive response from customers over the years speak for itself.  The philosophy and commitment remain the same: to help improve dairy profits, while offering superior customer service. From the free consultation and quote, through the installation and the subsequent customer service, PBI Parlor Systems is there for the dairy producer.