Superior Mat and Comfort Inc., Offers Customized Quality Rubber Solutions for Dairy Producers

Published on Wed, 05/15/2019 - 12:35pm

Superior Mat and Comfort Inc., Offers Customized Quality Rubber Solutions for Dairy Producers

 By Steve Weisman

  Studies show that the environment in which a dairy herd lives has a direct correlation with the herd’s health, comfort and milk production. Since the cows spend much of the day lying down and processing feed into milk, one of the most important factors is the bed that is used. No matter what type of stall system is used, it is important to provide a level bed to minimize moisture and a comfortable place to rest.

That’s where Superior Mat and Comfort Inc., ( comes into play. A family-owned company for the past 20 years, Superior Mat and Comfort Inc., offers customized quality rubber solutions for dairy producers in the United States, Canada and Europe. Martin Folkema, owner, says, “Growing up on the family farm, we realized the importance of the comfort of our cattle. So, when we started the business in 1999, that was our goal. We saw the value of using rubber for both safety and cow comfort.”

Although Superior Mat and Comfort Inc., offers several products for dairy farms, the Sand Saver Grid Mat, which has been on the market for the past five years, is designed to provide a base to keep deep bedding in place. It works especially well with sand bedding. Folkema notes, “Sand bedding levels in freestalls affect how much time cows spend lying down which can increase comfort and milk yield.” That’s where the Sand Saver Grid Mat can play a big role.

The product is only manufactured with new virgin tire rubber compound and is designed as a grid-like structure. The Grid Mat is an excellent alternative to conventional open stall bases. The rubber tiles absorb pressure from the weight of the animal, alleviating stress on joints and muscles. The placement of the tiles assists in preventing the formation of deep ruts from constant digging, and the spacing allows for sand to sit in-between the tiles for a porous solution and product stability.

Folkema explains the reason so many dairy producers are turning to the Sand Saver Grid Mat. “First, it will work in both new or existing facilities and can complement any deep bedding system used. “ Although the Sand Saver offers many benefits, these are three key ones.”
Higher stall occupancy – with the base provided, the bedding stays more level and does not move around as much. The grid system still allows moisture to get away. As a result, it is a more comfortable, dry environment for the cow. This, in turn, helps with udder health and milk quality.

Less stall maintenance – with the solid base, cows have less of a tendency to dig in the sand, so the bed does not “belly out.” Traditionally, a lot of labor is spent evening out the sand bed. With the Sand Saver Grid Mat, the bed stays more level. Lucas Donkers of Rose Vega Farms says, “A 35-40 percent savings in sand use convinced us to install the Grid in the rest of our stalls. A level bed means that daily stall maintenance is dramatically reduced.”

Keeps the sand in – with the Sand Saver in place, more sand is kept in the stall. This saves the expense of more sand and at the same time saves on equipment when it comes time to clean and scrape the alley. Chris Van den Heuvel of Fireblade Holsteins ltd, is a believer in the Sand Saver. “After years of using deep bed sand or sawdust for our cows, we were tired of bedding literally going down the drain. We decided to install stall mats and went with the Sand Saver Grid Mat. Best decision we could have made. The cows continue to get the feel of deep bedding while remaining dry and happy, and best of all, our bedding bill has been cut by close to 2/3 putting more money in our pocket.”

The Sand Saver Grid Mat is made in the United States and there are dealers located strategically across the country. To learn more, go to the Superior Mat and Comfort Inc., website at or call the company at (519) 485-6202. Follow us on Twitter at  

Our business, introduced the Sand Saver Grid Tile into the UK in 2011 following our initial trials using a product originally developed for car parks in Canada. It has proved highly successful with farmers throughout the UK with reports of sand usage reduced by over 40%!
Additional benefits include, improved lying position, promoting cubicle accessibility and alignment plus reduced labor costs.

The construction, design and quality of the Grid Tile manufactured by Superior Mat & Comfort offers a return on investment unequalled by most agricultural products and as one UK farmer said to me when ordering another consignment last week, “I cannot understand why every farmer using sand doesn`t buy them!”

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