Supplemental Help for Animal Health & Production

Published on Fri, 09/09/2022 - 10:20am

Supplemental Help for Animal Health & Production.

 By Maura Keller.

Every dairy producer knows the vital role proper nutrition plays in both animal health and the quality of milk that dairy cow produces. Utilizing solidly researched and developed mineral supplements has been a core focus area across the dairy industry in recent years. As such, dairy farmers are partnering with innovative companies that can provide the supplemental products they seek. That’s where JH Biotech, Inc. comes in.

In 1987, JH Biotech, Inc. was established to develop organic and biological products for the agriculture industry. According to Dr. John Hsu, founder of JH Biotech, with the world’s ever-growing population, and consumers’ growing demand for organic food, there is a need for greater production of organic crops and livestock. As such, JH Biotech’s products help growers meet those demands in a way that is sustainable and profitable to the farmer.

Since its inception 35 years ago, JH Biotech has celebrated much success. Recently they established a research center in which the company is working with scientists to improve and develop its new biological products.

“We also work with university researchers to find the best solutions for our industry,” Dr. Hsu says. “Through our research and field experience, we have found prevention to be the key to successful dairy and animal production.” JH Biotech has since developed its Integrated Health Management Program to prevent nutrition deficiencies and diseases in livestock. This unique program helps farmers reduce overall losses by focusing on prevention and promoting overall animal health.

Of course, JH Biotech’s product that is capturing the attention of the dairy industry is its Buffermin® product line. Buffermin® products are minerals chelated with amino acids and/or hydrolyzed protein at its core. As Dr. Hsu explains, through chelation, the minerals are protected from adverse biochemical interactions, thus improving their absorption and making them more available to livestock.
Specifically, JH Biotech’s Buffermin® minerals are organically chelated minerals for more efficient uptake and absorption in animals.

“They are safer for livestock and can prevent mineral deficiencies compared to inorganic minerals,” says Dr. Hsu. JH Biotech also produces a ruminant-specific probiotic, Nutra-Aid® YR, which, when fed to dairy cows, has been seen to improve milk production. The company also offers several products so that feed rations can be customized to help livestock reach their full potential.

“By using Buffermin® minerals farmers don’t have to worry about nutrient upkeep or minerals being excreted in feces, as our minerals allow for more effective and efficient mineral absorption,” Dr. Hsu says. “This is especially important in dairy cows, as high-producing dairy cows require the most nutrients from their feed. Switching feed ration’s mineral sulfates to an organic mineral like Buffermin® ensures cows receive all the necessary nutrients to perform at their best.”

To help dairy producers provide the exact nutrients their dairy cows need, JH Biotech offers a variety of Buffermin® product lines. For example, the Buffermin® Glycinate line uses glycine as its chelating ligand and is characterized by its high solubility. It is designed for easier and faster delivery through drinking water. Buffermin® Glycinate is best recommended for water- soluble formulas like electrolytes and milk replacers. Buffermin® Glycinates can be mixed in with water, milk, or into dry formulations with other feed ingredients.

The Buffermin® Methionate line provides trance minerals that are chelated to methionine. Methionine plays a key role in animal growth and is the first limiting nutrient in almost all animal diets. It easily corrects mineral deficiency and recovers from stunted growth. Buffermin® Methionates are ideal additions to diets that contain minimal amounts of meat proteins or are heavily weighted with vegetable proteins like soy, or low-calorie foods diluted with cereals and cellulose.

And the Buffermin® Proteinate line uses amino acid and hydrolyzed protein as chelating ligands. Its patented double chelating process provides the best trace minerals on the market. Buffermin® Proteinates have a higher uptake rate than inorganic metal salts alone. By complexing natural ingredients with mineral salts, Buffermin® Proteinates are safer and produce less harsh metal waste than do their inorganic counterparts. Notable advantages of Buffermin® Proteinate include its stability and cost efficiency. They are recommended for general premix and supplements.

Continuous Innovation
So, what core competencies does JH Biotech offer that have helped the company make a name for itself in the industry?  

In addition to being free of harmful chemicals, JH Biotech focuses on hearing and understanding farmers’ needs and meeting those needs by offering products based in on research and innovation.

“Our Integrated Health Management program, for example, emphasizes prevention to reduce health problems,” Dr. Hsu says. “However, if disease occurs, we can help to combat that with the program’s specialized correction products. Our prevention and correction combination can improve animal health, welfare, and food production without introducing unsafe additives.”

JH Biotech has certainly made an impact on the agriculture and dairy industry since its inception in 1987, but the future appears even brighter as the company hones it’s productions and solutions to further help today’s dairy farmers.

“As we continue to develop organic and biological products, we will soon be introducing functional and phytogenic ingredients for livestock,” Dr. Hsu says. “These highly bioavailable and efficient products will deliver the maximum outputs to farmers while lessening their environmental footprint. As a company, we hope to continue to reduce environmental impacts through the use of natural and biological ingredients to keep our industry successful for generations to come.”