Why Settle for Less than the Original and the Best

Published on Mon, 09/17/2018 - 1:32pm

 Why Settle for Less than the Original and the Best. 

 Article provided by REDI Driver.

 Do you dread the driving of fence posts into the ground?  You can simplify (and maybe even enjoy!) the task with the REDI Driver gas powered post driver & our exclusive accessories.  You can cut your working time & effort in half; and still have energy left at the end of the day for the more important things in life!  The REDI Driver is designed to do all the work for you, without any additional equipment such as power packs or hoses. The power is provided by an authentic HONDA 4 stroke engine.   Simply carry the REDI Driver which weighs only 32 pounds, from post to post until you reach the end of your fence line.

Lorri Evans tells us that REDI Driver is the original gas-powered post driver, it was the first one to hit the market over 6 years ago!  The REDI Driver has since been copied, but it has never been equaled!  You will get the best 3-year warranty, and the best personalized customer service from the Evans Family; who personally operate the business with passion for the product & their customers.  Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed!  With REDI Driver’s perfect reputation, there is no reason to settle for a copied unit, or to get lost in the shuffle…. Just ask one of our satisfied customers:

Statz Bros. Fencing
We’ve found the Redi Driver to be a great piece of gear. This has been an unusually dry year. The ground is as hard and tough as I’ve seen. The Redi Driver makes short work of driving T posts into this type of soil. It also handles rocky soil very nicely. It does a good job and doesn’t fatigue the operator. Nice and light and not at all cumbersome. The Redi Driver designers really hit a home run with this one.

First, I wanted to tell you that the REDI Driver Boss I purchased from you is one of the best machines I’ve owned.  We rebuilt a large corral system and used the REDI Driver to driver 3” posts 4’ into the ground.  Doing the same with our skid steer driver has always been difficult trying to maneuver around the existing panels and alleyways.  Not only that, we felt we could control the pipe and keep everything plum much easier with the REDI Driver.  Great Machine!
REDI Driver offers 2 models to meet all your post driving needs:

•  REDIclassic model with 2” id barrel is perfect for t posts & other smaller posts, optional rod sleeve available for rods or rebar.  
• REDIboss model with 3 1/8” id barrel & reducer sleeve will drive from t post up to 3” posts, optional 4” id magnum barrel available for larger profile posts.
Accessories available which are exclusive to REDI Driver:
• REDIhdnlkit is a handle extension kit available in 2 ½’ or 4’ lengths.  These kits will make driving taller posts an easier & safer task; no more ladders or stools!
• REDIbox is a customized hard plastic storage box to secure your driver & accessories for transporting or storing.
Please visit www.redidriver.com or you are more than welcome to give us a call (509) 235-2780