ZISK App Helps Dairy Producers Unlock the Future

Published on Thu, 12/26/2019 - 8:57am

 ZISK App Helps Dairy Producers Unlock the Future

 By Steve Weisman

 Ever wished you had a crystal ball that could unlock the future? You know, to show whether you’ll make money in the next year and how much? Are you monitoring the day-to-day volatility of feed prices? Are you responding to these market changes and optimizing your profits? Want to know when milk price hits $19.00 in future months?

Well, there is a digital tool now available that can put the dairymen on the cutting edge of business management. Most importantly, it is SIMPLE and EASY TO USE! Easily downloaded on both iPhone and Android, ZISK (www.ziskapp.com) is an app that accurately predicts your financial future. Best of all, this easy to use app is totally FREE!

Why the ZISK app?
The ZISK App was developed by Kevin Hoogendoorn, an Iowa State University graduate and a DVM, with over 20 years of experience working directly with dairy farms. Hoogendoorn says, “Over these years, I have worked as a dairy and beef nutritionist and as the General Manager of a rapidly growing nutrition company. As I worked with dairy producers, I saw their frustration as the dairy industry was moving from the traditional dairy farming and more into the realm of ag business that needed management. My ultimate goal in designing the ZISK app is to help dairymen be financially successful.”

The process
With that goal in mind, in 2016, Hoogendoorn began working with his dairy customers to design an app that would do just that. For over a year, he input hours and hours of data into an “experimental app,” getting feedback from his customers and refining it so that it would provide the information he wanted. For two years, Hoogendoorn worked with software experts to “refine it into a usable, fast and simple app. Something that the dairyman could look at just a couple of times a day and have a good handle on what is going on in the markets.”
Finally, in the summer of 2018, the ZISK app went public. Hoogendoorn says, “In just over a year, almost a million dairy cows are benefiting from the ZISK app. That’s 10 percent of the entire U. S. dairy herd using the app!”
Want to know what’s going on today in the dairy industry? ZISK also has a feature that publishes all the latest dairy news.

How ZISK works
It’s as simple as putting in a few basic details about your dairy to gain a clear view of your financial future with a continuously updating twelve-month profit projection. Simply download the app, enter the total number of cows in your herd, your milk production, your typical milk check basis over Class III price, and you will see the projected profit on your dairy for the next 12 months.
With a live feed from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the ZISK app lets you watch the markets for milk, corn, and soybean meal prices. You can set alerts so you’ll know right away when the market is moving. Also, enter your existing contracts into the app to see the most accurate view of your dairy’s profitability.
Just tap on the Alerts page of the ZISK App and ask the app to alert you when your dairy profit hits a certain number in one of the 12 future months. You can set up alerts for soybean meal and corn prices as well.

Dairy producer insight
Wilfried Reauvekamp of Hilltop Dairy near Elkton, SD has been using the ZISK app for over a year. “It’s easy and simple to use. Just click on the app, and the data is right there. I look at it a couple times a day just to see what is going on in the markets. I make contracts based on the information from the app.”
All in all, ZISK app is what dairy producers have been waiting for! It takes the stress out of the futures market. It is extremely simple to use, and it puts your future in the palm of your hand! It can make the difference in your bottom line!