February 2009 Issue

Published on Thu, 01/22/2009 - 9:58pm

American Dairymen: is a magazine with products and services for American Dairymen. The main stories in this issue are: Genetics For Improving Dairy Cow Longevity, As genetic research develops over the next 10 years, dairy producers will find more definitive data about sires that will allow them to select their cows based on longevity, udder health, calving performance and a variety of other important genetic data. That information, combined with the growing body of research about enhanced dairy environments, should allow dairies to obtain high production rates and improved dairy cow health.

Product Review: Calf Housing needs are based on many things, including space, budget, safety, convenience and even expansion. We want to help you keep your calves healthy and happy. To do that, our Research Department has complied feature information on 4 top-of-the-line systems from J & D Calf Condo, Agri-Plastics, Calf-Tel Pen System and Comfy CALF Suites.

Product Preview: New tool for udder health management: Spray gains acceptance by large dairy herd managers. Custom Cut Poly Board© Panels Sustainable For Dairies. Heating systems