March 2009 Issue

Published on Tue, 02/24/2009 - 2:38am

American Dairymen: is a magazine with products and services for American Dairymen. The main stories in this issue are: Cow Comfort, Kevin Janni, Professor of Biosystems and agricultural Engineering at the University of Minnesota, helps us to understand the structure, equipment and theory behind the low-profile cross-ventilated barn. Compost Bedding Pack Barns; Pros and Cons, Many factors need to be weighed when deciding if a compost bedded pack barn is the right option for your dairy. Professor Marcia I Endres, Associate Professor of Dairy Science at the University of MN, helps us weigh those factors. Product Review: Cow Comfort, cooling Equipment. Product Preview: tools and equipment for today's Dairymen.