November 2008 Issue

Published on Sat, 11/01/2008 - 11:26pm

American Dairymen: is a magazine with products and services for American Dairymen. In this issue the main stories are: Mycotoxins - Not just a Nuisance, Mycotoxins are a byproduct of the growth of mold. How to spot their effects on your herd and keep your feed from becoming toxic. Pinning Down Milking Pricing, Initial predictions about 2009 pricing and risk management options can help you protect your margins, High Quality Milk, timely advice from Roger Beers, President of A&L Laboratories. Product Review: Wheeled Skid Steer, for many dairy operations, wheeled skid steers are more efficient, more versatile, and more cost effective than your big gas-guzzling tractor will ever be.

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