The American Cattlemen Podcast: A Cowboy’s Journey with RW Hampton


 By Jessica Graham.

Tune into the latest episode from “The American Cattlemen Podcast”, or listen to some of our past episodes. Podbean and our website ( house our podcast. Here you can listen while you work to our show. One memorable episode is titled “Catch RW Hampton as he chats with Chap! Don’t Miss this one!”

RW HamptonIn an exclusive episode, we sit down with the legendary RW Hampton. From his Texas roots to the vast landscapes of ranching, RW shares his incredible journey from a small-town kid enamored with 60s Westerns to a real-live cowboy who rodeoed, wrangled horses, and made his mark in the world of music and film. Through the podcast, you too can join us for an intimate conversation about RW’s life on the ranch, his experiences in the cowboy way, and a deep dive into his illustrious music career. We touch on a current film project with RW.  He then gives us a glimpse into the stories behind the songs, the passion for preserving cowboy heritage, and the unique connection with the American West.

RW reminisces on the beginning of his career. “It all started for me. As I was up on that northern Nevada sagebrush range, working and Kenny Rogers and his whole crew came through and they did a 1979 special called ‘Kenny Rogers and the American Cowboy’. I think you can find it on YouTube. It was an interesting concept, almost like a documentary. It went from Kenny out with the cowboys and buckaroos working the range. It then cuts to segments of concerts with himself, Charlie Daniels, and Mac Davis. To make a long story short, I had my old guitar and they said, “Let’s build a fire and film”. So, they had me singing ‘Ghost Riders in the Sky’ and then Kenny singing too.”

According to RW, “In 1979, I was a big star. But, you know, I was still working on the ranch somewhere. But that’s kind of what put that connection right there. People call it fate, but I don’t believe in fate. I just think God has ordered my steps.”

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This is just a small sample of the conversation between our host Chap Ramsey and RW Hampton. It was our privilege to converse with RW and learn more about his heritage and career. We’re left with a deep appreciation for the genuine spirit of RW Hampton. From the vast prairies of his Texas upbringing to the stages of Nashville, RW’s life has been a melody of cowboy tales and heartfelt songs.

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