smaXtec Health Management System Enables Massive Financial Advantages for Dairy Farmers

May 8, 2024 Independent IFCN study confirms: smaXtec health management system enables massive financial advantages for dairy farmers A recent independent study conducted by the International Farm Comparison Network (IFCN) has shed light on the significant economic benefits of utilizing the unique smaXtec bolus technology on dairy farms. The study, which focused on the effects […]


Safeguarding Data in Modern Dairying

Safeguarding Data in Modern Dairying By Jaclyn Krymowski Modern dairy systems run on data, from precision farming systems in tractors to herd management software, activity monitors, parlor equipment, and much more. Data is one of your most valuable assets. Hackers and scammers see your farm data as a goldmine, too. Like any other valuable asset […]


Understanding Milk Routines and Improving Performance

Understanding Milk Routines and Improving Performance Article and photos provided by BouMatic FOCUSING on continual performance improvements has always been a priority for BouMatic product development. The SmartConnect management software is no exception. The Management Software provides data that is key to your individual management needs such as: milking event records, milking routine feedback and […]


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