How Soon Will a Cow Breed Back After Calving

How Soon Will a Cow Breed Back After Calving Article courtesy of BioZyme® Inc. (SAINT JOSEPH, Mo., April 30, 2024) We expect a lot from a cow. She spends roughly 283 days in gestation, delivers a calf, and then we prepare her for breed back and expect her to conceive problem free during her first […]


Calf Recumbency

Tackling Calf Recumbency in the Holstein Breed

By Jaclyn Krymowski Mastering and understanding the miniscule details of genetics can take a lifetime of research, experience and education. For this reason dairies work with specialized companies and industry associations armed with resources that help them manage the breeding program. Despite our best efforts, there will be times when  a defective or recessive gene is […]


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