3 Secrets to Sand Bedding Success

3 Secrets to Sand Bedding Success It matters where your dairy’s sand bedding comes from. Article and photo courtesy of McLanahan Corporation HOLLIDAYSBURG, Pennsylvania. [May 16, 2024] – Sand bedding is synonymous with dairy cow comfort; that’s why it’s often called the gold standard. Sand is a forgiving, comfortable deep bed for cows, and it’s […]


Cattle parlor system

PBI Systems: Parlor Systems That Work For You

PBI Systems: Parlor Systems That Work For You By Steve Weisman. Set in the countryside outside Portales, New Mexico lies PBI Parlor Systems, a leading manufacturer of milking stalls and other parlor equipment being utilized in dairies throughout the world. PBI was at the forefront of the dairy industry’s parallel stall beginnings. According to Steve […]


Cow laying in bedding

Bedding Considerations – Comfort to Economics

By Jaclyn Krymowski. Stall design and facility setup are some key factors in selecting the right bedding. Finding something that optimizes comfort and finances is crucial to ensure  you are not only making your cows comfortable, but also  getting a return on the investment. All About Comfort Cow comfort and farmer practicality should be in […]


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