Kids petting a mule or donkey

MJE Celebrates 50 Years of Building Excellence

 Article courtesy of MJE, LLC & MJE Livestock Equipment.  Montezuma, KS – MJE, LLC marks a significant milestone in 2024, celebrating 50 years of superior craftsmanship in agricultural construction. Founded in 1974 by Max Jantz, MJE has grown from a one-man operation to a robust enterprise led by his children, Aaron and Heather Jantz. This evolution […]


Cow hooves on a cow mattress while milking

Comfortable Stall Mats and Cow Mattresses

By Heather Smith Thomas. Keeping livestock healthy, safe, and comfortable is one of the top priorities on a dairy farm.  Cattle mats are designed to keep barn floor and stall areas cleaner, warmer, and more comfortable for the cattle. If cows are kept in a free stall for resting and lying down, dairy cow mats […]


Housing for Dairy Calf

Housing for Dairy Calves

By Heather Smith Thomas. Young dairy calves have traditionally been housed in single-calf hutches, because this has generally been believed to be healthier for them than having contact with other baby calves.  Recent research and behavioral studies are showing that there are benefits to paired and group housing. Joe Armstrong DVM (Cattle Production Systems, Extension […]


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