Building Better Beef Crosses Starts on Day One

Building Better Beef Crosses Starts on Day One Dairy Calf and Heifer Association’s (DCHA) May 22 webinar features “Building Better Beef Crosses Starts on Day 1.”  Olivia Genther-Schroeder, Purina Animal Nutrition, will lead this free, one-hour educational offering, which starts at 12 p.m. Central time (Chicago time). During the webinar, Genther-Schroeder will share why raising […]


Cows in pasture at sunset

Regenerative Agriculture on a Dairy Farm

By Heather Smith Thomas. Paul and Erin Kernaleguen are dairy farmers and soil consultants near Birch Hills, Saskatchewan, committed to regenerative practices in growing forage for their cattle. They farm with Paul’s Parents, Jos and Brenda. “We were a very conventional dairy operation until 2012 when we started looking at doing some things differently because […]


Cow with flies on face

Being In Control

 By Maura Keller. Fly control has long been a point of contention for dairy farmers. Whether you manage 50 head of dairy cows in a smaller farm, or 500 head in a larger operation, one thing’s for sure: Fly control is a top concern requiring diligence and understanding of the best products and procedures required […]


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