Ty Larson and Jake Hansen inspect soybean plants with customer Craig Burke at his farm in New Hampton IA

Performance, Value, and Simplicity

Article and photos courtesy of Albert Lea Seed. We left GMO seed behind almost ten years ago because we were tired of paying for the high costs of genetically modified traits that didn’t deliver more yield. It might be time for you to do the same. Viking non-GMO seed is fully committed to providing you […]


Close up cows drinking water

Don’t Overlook Water in the Winter

By Jaclyn Krymowski Winter marks a time of uncertainty and, especially for cattle operations in harsh climates or otherwise remote regions with limited resources. While some of the most common concerns are accessibility through snow and ice, freezing equipment and exposure to the elements, providing water shouldn’t be far out of mind. Even when the […]


Cows outside on a farm

Raising/Feeding Dairy-Beef Feeder Calves

By Heather Smith Thomas. Many dairies are now breeding some of their cows—the ones they don’t raise replacement heifers from to beef bulls, generally using semen from Angus or Charolais.  The beef-dairy cross calves are worth more as day-old calves than straight dairy calves, since the beef crossbreds feed out similar to beef animals. Some […]


Baby goat being bottle fed

Feeding Goat Kids

By Michelle Buckley, DVM, MS – Iowa State Universituy Extension and Outreach Dairy Field Specialist. When it comes to feeding kids, producers have options and the best option is not a one size fits all solution. The ultimate markers of success are healthy kids with low death losses. Each method of kid-rearing requires careful consideration […]


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