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Article and photos courtesy of CRV.

Established in 1874, CRV has held a steadfast belief that better cows are the key to a better life for producers, their herds, and the environment. With over a century of experience as a cattle improvement cooperative of 23,000 dedicated farmers in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium), CRV has continued its mission to improve dairy and beef herds globally by adding value to producers with our focus on Health and Efficiency.

Our mission is achieved through supplying top-quality genetics from a wide range of breeds and breeding programs throughout the world, innovative breeding management solutions, and personalized advice on herd management. We believe that by listening to our producers’ needs, suggestions, and concerns, we can provide value added solutions for their specific goals, while delivering them with passion, reliability, and unequaled support.

CRV is a global player with a presence in approximately 60 countries. Our production facilities span across the United States, Germany, Brazil, New Zealand, and the Netherlands & Flanders.

Leading in Health & Efficiency

At the heart of our approach lies a fundamental principle: striking a perfect balance between the health and efficiency of cows. We understand that a healthier cow is inherently more efficient, leading to higher productivity.

All CRV solutions contribute to a measurable commercial improvement of yield through proven progress in Health and Efficiency of the herd. As a result, not only do producers achieve better operating results, but their efforts also translate into tangible benefits for the cows and the environment.

Our CRV Health and Efficiency indexes are designed to enhance the key traits that allow farmers to breed healthy and efficient cows. The balance between health and efficiency is what makes CRV’s breeding program so unique. A healthy, trouble-free herd that efficiently converts feed into milk guarantees high lifetime production with good milk solids. Achieving this balance is the key to sustainable milk production and creating a better life for cows and producers. The CRV Health and Efficiency indexes put that key in your hands, as they contain unique CRV traits such as Feed Efficiency, Fertility and Udder Health.

A Commitment to Future Generations

In a world of rising costs, stricter regulations and resource scarcity, producers are under increasing pressure to feed a growing global population and do so sustainably. As an industry leader in livestock management and genetics, CRV continues to develop innovative ways to help farmers achieve these goals. That’s why we recently introduced CRV FeedExcel; the proven breeding strategy for developing a herd that produces higher milk yields, requires less feed, achieves higher profitability and has lower emissions. FeedExcel is backed by years of cooperation with farmers, leading developments in science and the largest feed-intake dataset in the world based on real feed intakes from lactating cows.

Our Promise

CRV offers innovative solutions that empower producers to meet the growing demand for high-quality food while protecting the planet for future generations. Our journey began in 1874, and today, we continue to help farmers breed a healthy and efficient herd in the most sustainable and cost-effective way.

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