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Greetings from the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Dairy Team! We are here to inform you of the most current educational events, research, and tools available; enhancing dairy profits and quality of life.

Please contact us with any questions you may have. Following you will find info on:

  • Recommended 2024 Guidelines for Iowa and Regional Dairy Show Biosecurity
  • When it comes to breeding cattle, don’t forget the basics!
  • Celebrate June Dairy Month!
  • Upcoming Events

Recommended 2024 Guidelines for Iowa and Regional Dairy Show Biosecurity

Since this article has been written, two Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza cases have been identified in Iowa. Please visit Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship News Page for the full news release and upcoming announcements regarding additional requirements for exhibition participants.

With everyone’s focus on the implications on Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) in the dairy industry, let’s remember good biosecurity and best management practices have been the mainstay of a healthy dairy herd since we learned that illness and disease are transmitted by bacteria and viruses.

Many hours of training and hard work are invested to prepare healthy, high-quality animals for competition. Exhibition of animals is a rewarding experience. Unfortunately, even health animals entered in fairs are at risk for exposure to disease.

When it comes to breeding cattle, don’t forget the basics!

When breeding heifers or cows, following protocol is a crucial step often overlooked if we get in a hurry. For proper semen handling, avoiding unnecessary temperature changes and not taking a long time to breed is essential. There are several steps between taking semen out of the nitrogen tank and depositing it in the uterus. Semen is stressed every time the temperature fluctuates, so focus on minimizing temperature swings at each step.

There is more than just sperm count that dictates how high quality the semen is. You also have to consider the morphology and motility of the sperm. Sperm with abnormal morphology and/or motility will not be as fertile. In addition to decreasing sperm viability, temperature changes can impact its motility. How do we make sure that we are not exposing semen to unnecessary temperature changes?

Follow these tips for best management practices!

Happy June Dairy Month!

The Dairy Extension Team celebrates the hard work of producers with many opportunities to learn and grow your dairy operations.

With various webinars, conferences, podcasts, and other educational events, check them out on our website for the latest information.

Follow the Dairy Extension Team’s Facebook page during June as dairy farms across Iowa are being highlighted with 3 minute videos!

Upcoming Events

Learn from industry experts at our upcoming seminar designed for ag lenders and farm financial advisers. The session will cover vital topics including the Dairy Price Outlook, strategies for Farm Succession Planning, Tax Considerations during Farm Transitions, information on Beginning Farmer Loans and Tax Credits, as well as insights into the Land, Livestock, and Crop Market. Hear from specialists at University of Wisconsin, ISU Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation, and Iowa Finance Authority for invaluable guidance and knowledge.

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