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Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus - What is bovine viral diarrhea? Where does it come from? What are the causes? What are the effects? What can you do when it effects your heard? Read on as these questions and more are answered by the USDA.  Manure vs Fertilizer - To spread manure or not to spread manure, this is the question. Gary DiGiuseppe, along with Dr. Mark Powell & Dr. Michael Russelle, with the USDA Agricultural Research Service U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center at Madison, WI, explores both sides of this issue for us.    Product Review - Find the best Floor Mat for your Dairy Operation.
Improving Potassium Supplementation - Improve your herds health by improving Potassium supplementation in the diet with a protected Potassium Carbonate  Methane Digesters - Anaerobic digestion and  biogas oppportunities create new revenue streams and increase sustainable practices  Product Review - Find the perfect Livestock Waterer for your operations needs by reading our review of seven companies.
Wind Turbines on Your Property - Renewable energy alternatives to cut costs, meet power needs and reduce carbon footprints for businesses and individuals.  Herd Health - Determine if the signs and symptoms of Johne's Disease and whether or not your herd has been infected and how to manage the disease if they have.  June is National Dairy Month - Learn about the brief history of National Dairy Month and all of the benefits that Dairy has to offer.
Dairy Price Index (DIP) methodology for pricing Wholesale MilkWhat happens when a man who spends twenty years as an investment banker starts milking cows? New ideas on how wholesale milk should be priced, that’s what! Read Mr. Mandl’s proposal on how to restructure the way the price of wholesale milk is determined. Best Pasture Grass Dairy experts emphasize that forage intake must be high quality and of sufficient volume to obtain the milk production necessary to sustaining a modern dairy operation. Pastures that are properly managed can provide dairy cows with high-quality forage harvested at a very nutritious stage. Read on to find out more.  FFA and Dairies Leadership skills, public speaking, recording keeping, working with others are just a few of the skills needed today to work on a dairy. Nowhere does a young person learn these skills better then in FFA. Read to find out more about what is happening in FFA and how you can benefit.