LRP Matting Shaping your environment with high-quality, durable rubber mats

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Article and photo courtesy of LRP Matting USA.

Boosting the well-being of both humans and animals, LRP Matting has a solution for every surface and every size. LRP’s American-made rubber mats are produced from the highest quality rubber, ensuring optimal levels of protection and comfort for dairy cows, beef cattle, horses, and other livestock.

Since 1971, LRP Matting (based in Coldwater, Ohio) has been manufacturing rubber mats and flooring for recreational, industrial, and agricultural use. “We take great pride in offering the largest mats in the industry, simplifying the installation process, and minimizing the number of seams in any area for a more appealing aesthetic”, says Kris Baucher, Commercial Manager of LRP Matting.

“Because we offer custom solutions, with an optional interlocking system, we are able to provide flooring for virtually any surface and size,” Baucher adds. “Every barn area can be transitioned into a safe, comfortable, and easy-to-clean space which provides insulation and better footing, boosting the yield from your animals.”

LRP Matting proudly offers some of the best agricultural mats in the industry, providing comfort and safety for your animals. Featured dairy industry products include the Double Button Mat, with versatility to serve multiple purposes and the Slat Mat, which can be made specifically to the size of your concrete slat.

For herd safety, the Double Button Mat has a grooved underside which allows for drainage and improved grip on sloped surfaces. It also provides greater cushioning, reducing the stress on your animals. This mat is designed for applications with flushing systems for floor cleaning, as opposed to scraping – making it a great option for your wash racks and milking areas. The Double Button Mat is designed with straight edges, but a variety of interlocking options and custom cutting are available upon request.

The Slat Mat is another popular product that boosts safety, protection, and comfort. Specifically designed for the beef and dairy industries, this rubber mat has several benefits including enhanced welfare, reduction in stress and stress-related injuries, and increased animal movement. Our patented Slat Mat Fastener is a game changer when it comes to securing these mats! Characterized as unbreakable, LRP’s fastener is unique for its design, as well as its all-rubber composition.

Baucher concludes that, “Working closely with market leader DRI Rubber (a company with over 75 years of experience in the rubber industry) gives us access to the most advanced technologies, such as FRC® compounds, and rubber know-how for production of our rubber mats. The FRC® material, which is fiber-reinforced and used in most of our agricultural matting, provides a strength and durability unmatched by our competitors. This technology, combined with a century of experience in real-world applications allows us to supply our customers with the very best, high-quality matting solutions.”
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