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American Dairymen August 2024

This Issue Brings You:

  • Toe Tip Necrosis – A Form of White Line Disease
  • Using Nutrition to Beat the Heat
  • Expert Insights on Today’s Manure Management
  • Making an Impact for Over Forty Years
  • The Evolution of Colorado Serum
  • Heat Stress in Small Ruminants

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LRP Matting Shaping your environment with high-quality, durable rubber mats

Article and photo courtesy of LRP Matting USA. Boosting the well-being of both humans and animals, LRP Matting has a solution for every surface and every size. LRP’s American-made rubber mats are produced from the highest quality rubber, ensuring optimal levels of protection and comfort for dairy cows, beef cattle, horses, and other livestock. Since […]


Cows eating inside

CRV – Proudly Helping Producers Achieve the Best Possible Herd

Article and photos courtesy of CRV. Established in 1874, CRV has held a steadfast belief that better cows are the key to a better life for producers, their herds, and the environment. With over a century of experience as a cattle improvement cooperative of 23,000 dedicated farmers in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium), CRV has […]


Featured Story

Regenerative Agriculture on a Dairy Farm

Paul and Erin Kernaleguen are dairy farmers and soil consultants near Birch Hills, Saskatchewan, committed to regenerative practices in growing forage for their cattle. They farm with Paul’s Parents, Jos and Brenda.

“We were a very conventional dairy operation until 2012 when we started looking at doing some things differently because our weather was super-wet for a couple years.  Our average annual precipitation is about 12 inches of moisture, but we’d had two years in a row with about 40 to 50 inches, which made farming extremely difficult!” says Paul.


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