Performance, Value, and Simplicity

Ty Larson and Jake Hansen inspect soybean plants with customer Craig Burke at his farm in New Hampton IA

Article and photos courtesy of Albert Lea Seed.

We left GMO seed behind almost ten years ago because we were tired of paying for the high costs of genetically modified traits that didn’t deliver more yield. It might be time for you to do the same. Viking non-GMO seed is fully committed to providing you with the performance you need, the value you deserve, and the simplicity that you’ve been aching for. We’re confident that our lineup of non-GMO corn, soybean, and alfalfa hybrids and varieties can compete with and often beat the biggest names out there. So why pay more for seed that doesn’t deliver more ROI?


Yield matters. We get it. With land, fertilizer, and equipment costs at all-time highs, you can’t afford to plant “good” hybrids. You need the best hybrids. We are confident that our hybrids and varieties have as much yield potential as any products you can plant, and we’ve got the receipts to prove it.

Look at FIRST & University Trials in SD, MN, IA, WI and you will see Viking hybrids winning or finishing near the top, time after time.

We have quadrupled our research budget and are now developing our own hybrid crosses in addition to an extensive hybrid evaluation program. This year we have 92 replicated corn research plots across the Midwest. It’s about getting the best-adapted hybrid and soybean variety on each field of your farm.


It is not our goal to have the cheapest seed. Our goal is to bring you the best genetics and quality at the best possible price. We are confident that our corn, soybean, and alfalfa genetics and quality will maximize the return. We also have unique products that are aimed to give dairy producers a lift.

Viking dual purpose hybrids are exceptionally high-yielding grain hybrids that have an optimal grain-to-stover ratio and have excellent standability compared to low-lignin specialty silage hybrids.

Viking conventional, non-GMO alfalfa varieties are developed for exceptional yield, quality, and persistence to give you more nutritional value, more potential cuts, and more seasons of productivity. You’ll get more out while also investing in nitrogen for future high-yielding corn crops.


Our focus is simple. We are 100% focused on bringing you the best non-GMO seed. Our pricing is also simple. We have one price and one set of discounts for everybody. We believe in transparency and treating people fairly. We don’t offer trips or tractors or tickets to the game. We know that it’s not how much money you spend on seed, it’s the return on investment that seed brings to your operation.

Give us a call and talk to a real human on the phone 800.352.5247 or visit our website to learn more.

Non-GMO, Pro ROI

We’re on a mission to provide you with more ROI. We hope you’ll give us an opportunity to prove it to you.
Thank you,
Albert Lea Seed Team
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