smaXtec Health Management System Enables Massive Financial Advantages for Dairy Farmers

May 8, 2024
Independent IFCN study confirms: smaXtec health management system enables massive financial advantages for dairy farmers

A recent independent study conducted by the International Farm Comparison Network (IFCN) has shed light on the significant economic benefits of utilizing the unique smaXtec bolus technology on dairy farms. The study, which focused on the effects of smaXtec on key farm indicators, reveals compelling data on enhanced farm economics, productivity and environmental sustainability.

The study, aimed at comprehensively measuring the impact of using the smaXtec bolus technology on dairy farms in the United States, collected data on key indicators before and after implementing the smaXtec technology. The results were astonishing, showing a potential
increase in returns per cow of 210 USD and an additional income per cow of 190 USD. Moreover, the study listed an increase in milk yield per cow and year of impressive 330 kg SCM.

Overall, the study found that the application of the smaXtec bolus technology resulted in “a positive effect on the most important indicators like milk yield, labor, returns, income, and carbon footprint.” Additionally, the study found that smaXtec had a positive impact on animal welfare as disease incidences, culling rates, and mortality were reduced.

“We at IFCN have a solid global database on farm economics. So I was impressed to see how US dairies use various herd management software packages in order to track the main KPIs consistently with high data quality. The combination of these two types of databases gives us confidence that the great improvements in farm economics triggered by the smaXtec system are solid, valid and well proven”, states Andrea Lendewig, Head of Research and Projects at IFCN.

Amber Horn Leiterman, smaXtec customer since 2022, has already noticed the positive impacts of the smaXtec health management system first hand on her dairy operation. “We recently analyzed our cull rates for our dairy, comparing our last year before investing in smaXtec in 2021 with this past year (2023). With smaXtec, we are seeing a 7.8 ROI just from the improvements on cull rates.”, states Amber Horn Leiterman, who milks over 2,100 cows on her farm in Brillion, Wisconsin.

She further explains: “Alongside the smaXtec dairy management advisor, we took these herd improvements and calculated the savings generated from the changes made to our replacement program. These included savings from a reduction of replacement animals needed, reduced milk loss due to early lactation culls, and increased capacity to produce beef crosses. For 2023, we saw a replacement program savings total of over 500,000 USD.”

Enough reasons for the Hornstead Farm owner to invest in early detection with the smaXtec system: “These numbers solidify the many reasons why I trust the smaXtec system wholeheartedly. The internal body temperature monitoring that smaXtec provides has been a game changer for us. The internal temperature allows us to provide preventative and supportive care to our cows and helps catch inflammation and metabolic issues in transition cows before these issues get out of hand.”
More information about smaXtec and its bolus technology is available here.

Press contact:
Magdalena Mayer
Digital Lead

About smaXtec
We offer professional dairy farmers the most technologically advanced health management system aimed at preventing diseases in dairy cows. As a result, farmers achieve stable high milk yields, reduce the use of antibiotics and significantly increase animal welfare. The latest smaXtec innovation is TruAdvice, a technology based on artificial intelligence that provides disease indication notifications. This artificial intelligence supports farmers in taking even faster and more targeted action. The high-quality data and comprehensive analysis make it possible to organize daily tasks and the entire work process on dairy farms more efficiently. In this way, we are making an important contribution to the stability and profitability of dairy farming worldwide.
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The IFCN is a global network for Dairy Economic Research and Consultancy in the supply chain. As
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